Monday, July 12, 2010

ABC Radio News Twists Roman Polanski Story

Today, Switzerland announced it will not extradite child rapist Roman Polanski to finally serve the prison term he plea-bargained for over 30 years ago. An ABC Radio news report on the subject stated that the Swiss decision was to prevent Polanski from facing charges in the child rape case. Sorry, ABC, that ship has sailed. Polanski raped a 13 year-old girl, faced overwhelming evidence and cut a deal that involved a prison term. The coward left the country rather complete the sentence to which he agreed.

The reporting of this story is baffling. It seems Big Media loves artistic creeps who rape children as long as they make anti-social films which attach life's mainstream. Polanski has made millions creating movies in Europe and that is considered a punishment. After all, its just child rape. It would be nice if the "compassionate Left" could muster the same anger for a violent pedophile that they do for law-abiding Americans who revere the Constitution.


  1. How do you (how do we) know what you (we) know?
    You criticize ABC for twisting news only to offer your own twist.
    What gives you authority in the case? you should re-read the classic Greek and Latin thinkers, they still were able to deal with the complex nature of Truth, at the time.

  2. What twist? Polanski was convicted and fled which means he never served his sentence. Much of the reporting leaves out that very important piece of the puzzle. He accepted a plea-bargain (i.e., an admission of guilt) and then bolted. Where is the "twist?" This truth isn't complex for those who are not named "anonymous."