Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama Spokesperson Anita Dunn Quotes "Favorite Philosopher" Mao...Is America NOW Paying Attention?

We have reached the point that it is now news when one of Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's confidentes IS NOT steeped in Marxism or some other radical ideology. Obama's "friends and family" circle looks like the class picture from Lenin's School for Future Bolsheviks. The latest to be exposed is White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, sort of the Joseph Goebbels of the Obamanation. Last week, Dunn was the propagandist attacking the credibility of Fox News. Of course, that translates to "Fox refuses to simply read our press releases. Heil Obama!"

World Net Daily reports that Anita Dunn is quite proud of the way the Obama campaign contolled media content. She detailed the O-Train's tactics during a conference with the Dominican Republic's government. Of course, Dunn's recitation of Obama's media manipulation tactics was not shocking. The video shown by Glenn Beck on Thursday was even more troublesome.

Yep, that Mao. White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, the one who accused Fox News of journalistic dishonesty, has a political philosophy grounded in the ideology of murderous communist dictator Mao Tse-tung. Now, isn't that special? Of course, I'm sure President Obama is shocked, shocked I tell you.

Never has a White House been staffed by so many people who utterly reject the principles and foundations on which the United States was built. Clearly, the insiders of the Democrat party, including their highest ranking officials, media sycophants, and financial sources, inhabit the far Left of the political spectrum. Those who love this country need to spread the word far and wide. Most Americans who vote for Democrats are voting for a party that no longer exists. There are no Scoop Jacksons or Daniel Patrick Moynihans. The typical Democrat voter is not anti-American, anti-capitalism and anti-liberty. However, they are gulled into voting for individuals who are all of those things.

The stories of Obama's radical friends must be told continually. One could be an oversight, two an accident and three a coincidence. But, it seems nearly everyone who is close to this man is grounded in radicalism. That tells us a lot about the man who was elected the 44th president and what he has in store for America. Change, indeed.

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