Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pat Buchanan is Right; We Owe Richard Nixon An Apology

Even some members of Big Media have accused President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama of using Nixonian tactics in his war against Fox News, insurance companies, investment houses, Conservatives, and generally anyone who doesn't hop aboard the O-Train without questioning the destination. Patrick J. Buchanan knows a little about the inner workings of the Nixon White House and he says the comparison with Obama is unfair. According to Buchanan, Nixon faced much tougher opposition than the thin-skinned President Obama.

Nixon took the oath as a minority president, 43 percent, in a hostile city, with both houses of Congress against him and a national press corps that had loathed him since he exposed the establishment golden boy Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy, 20 years before.

Obama took the oath with close to a filibuster-proof Senate, a near 80-seat majority in the House, the media at his feet, not his throat, and a city in adulation that had voted 93 to 7 for Barack Hussein Obama.

The hatred of Nixon was as irrational as it was deep. The hardcore Left never forgave Nixon for his exposure of traitor Alger Hiss. Despite overwhelming evidence followed by irrefutable evidence gleaned from the Venona project, some still consider Hiss some sort of political victim. He was a Communist sympathizer and one who sold out his own country. It is those who continue to support Hiss' memory who have some 'splainin' to do.

Nixon's administration ended the war in Vietnam (which had been escalated by two Democrat presidents), pushed the concept of affirmative action, created the EPA, signed the Endangered Species Act and instituted FDR-style price controls to combat inflation. Nixon's presidency may well have been one of the greatest triangulations in history. He ended the war with honor (though the Democrats in Congress will later make sure both victory and honor were sacrificed), stood up for law and order, and extolled traditional values while signing a series of "progressive" (i.e., socialist) expansions of the federal government.

Obama, on the other hand, is a hardcore Leftists with a team of Fellow Travelers in unconstitutional positions of authority and more positioned in leadership positions throughout the House and Senate. He has a Big Media establishment that consists mostly of people who dream they could be his Monica. Trust me, if Obama sends Chris Matthews a blue dress the name of the Leftist sycophant's MSNBC show "Hard Ball" will take on a whole new meaning.

Whereas Nixon's was pilloried for exposing Communists in high places, Obama's relationships with communists, socialists, and other extremists are downplayed or ignored. Nixon built his reputation uncovering the types of dangerous anti-American activity that is now a resume' enhancer in the Obama White House.

Tricky Dick came unraveled and allowed his paranoia, distrust, anger, and ego get the best of him. However, prior to Watergate, the folks who sought to bury Nixon opposed his patriotism and defense of his country. The radical Left sought to use the legitimate social upheaval of the 1960s (such as the Civil Rights movement) as a veil to mask their desire to drag the United States further into nanny-state socialism. Nixon supported civil rights, but opposed much of the Left's radicalism.

Obama believes he has a mandate to destroy the very foundations of America. Although many saw through his "hope" and "change" nonsense as the Marxist tripe that it was, Obama did his best to mask his true intentions. He lied. The Obama opposition comprises folks who want to defend the Constitution, federalism, and American values that have made this nation the envy of the world. Nixon saw himself as the protector of American greatness. Obama doesn't see America as great. Instead, he presides over a nation that believes is arrogant, greedy, and a source for more ill than good.

At first, the comparison of Obama's enemies list to Nixon's seemed appropriate. However, further analysis shows Barry Obama to be a President who is not under siege, but rather a small man who is unwilling to tolerate dissent in a democratic republic. Brother Buchanan is right. My apologies to Tricky Dick.

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