Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama Makes Right Call With Pirates

I don't like Barack Obama. It's that simple. I don't like his socialist/statist mentality. I don't like his arrogant demeanor. I don't like his desire to have the federal government control every aspect of every minute of everyone's life. I don't like his personal attraction to demogogues and radicals like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and ACORN. I don't like his background in the inner circle of Illinois politics which is basically Louisiana politics without the gumbo. I don't like his wife who has reaped the fruits of the opportunities afforded to her as an America and who was only proud of her country AFTER the Democrat party made her husband it's presidential candidate. I don't like the fact he refuses to offer the simple piece of evidence that will prove his citizenship. I don't like that he doesn't believe Judeo-Christian values are the core of American law and history. I don't like his belief that judges should rewrite the Constitution when it doesn't agree with their personal ideology. I don't like his sloganeering though it should show any thinking person that he is all bun and no meat. I don't like his attacks on America just to show off for European elites. I don't like that he doesn't believe in protecting our borders. I don't like his changing of the term "War on Terror" to "Overseas Contingency Operation" (that could mean you ran out of toothpaste on a cruise ship). Besides, its a war on Islamofascism--terror is just a tactic.

HOWEVER, I do give President Obama credit for authorizing Navy Seals to do what they do best: protect the United States of America overseas. Those snipers and the forces who got them in position are the heroes of the situation. It ended as it should. If President Obama is willing to use Special Forces, Seals, etc. to target terror threats he may be a better security President than many anticipate. Of course, his performance at the G-20 and other pronouncements denigrating the United States demonstrate he has a long way to go. But, for this one incident, good call Mr. President.

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