Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance, Arlen Specter Iscariot

The mainstream media is giddy with the news that statist politician Arlen Specter has announced that he is leaving the Republican Party to join the Democrat Party. The departure of this gutless opportunist is a good step toward the redemption of the Republican Party. As one of three Republican Senators (along with Maine's Laverne and Shirley) to vote for Barack Obama's disgraceful bailout bill (i.e., The Inter-generational Theft Act of 2009), the Pennsylvania weasel was a dependable turncoat vote for the Leftists. Now, its official. Great, now move on. Specter was no conservative. Never was. The GOP can now avoid the temptation of again believing that cretin as he claimed the mantle of Reagan conservatism while voting like a Great Society statist.

Specter truly sounded like a pathetic and dishonest political hack from central casting as he gave made his self-serving announcement. This clown had the temerity to still call himself a Reagan Conservative while claiming the Republican party has become too conservative. I guess if he is trying to appeal to the typical Obamatron 2008 voter such drivel will cause fawning and cooing. However, any honest appraisal will show Specter for the lying phony that he is. Republican party too conservative? Geez, they spent eight years spending like drunken Democrats (I don't want to offend sailors) and he says they are too conservative? Maybe its the belief in protecting the borders. Maybe its the respect for human life. Maybe its the notion that private property is the bedrock of individual liberty. Like other Leftists, Specter's beef is with American ideals and the U.S. Constitution. He simply wants to be a ward boss for the Keystone State who delivers the ill-gotten booty of federal tax raiders. He is shocked that some of the people believe in principled, limited government rather than a free-for-all at the hog trough.

In the short run, the numbers are not good. But, with dishonest Leftists like Specter, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe the Democrats already effectively had a veto-proof Senate. The defection of this petty gutter snipe makes little difference. A return to the Reagan principles is what the Republican party needs. The Specters, the John McCains, the Lindsey Grahams, the George Bushes (both of them) who believe that bloated government is just peachy as long as Republicans are calling the shots are responsible for the party's current situation. Conservatism put Reagan in the White House for two terms and its coattails bought Bush 41 a term before sweeping the GOP into the House majority with the Contract With America in 1994. However, the GOP has abandoned those principles for Leftist Lite--a slower journey into their Brave New World.

Adios, Arlen. I know your "Reagan conservative" heart will be right at home in the party of Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe he'll invite you over to dine with his new BFF's Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez. I'm sure you will have plenty in common with your fellow travelers.

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