Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walter Williams "Government Deception" Required reading!

Dr. Walter E. Williams, the man who explains economics so well that even a liberal MIGHT understand, exposes several government scams in one column. Despite everything, I'd trust Bernard Madoff with my money before I would give one penny to Bahney Fwank, Nasty Pelosi or any of that crowd. The press coverage of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implosions are as grotesque as the actions of the sleazy House Democrats. The evidence is out in the open in regard to the way in which they stonewalled Republican attempts to investigate those two entities. In fact, members of the Congressional Black Caucus went as far as to accuse Republicans of conducting a "political lynching" for questioning the business practices of Franklin Raines. Yes, when your seedy political connections are about to be exposed just spit on the graves of innocent black folks who were murdered for no reason by comparing them to a Democrat insider who made $90 million in bonuses from these government-supported organizations.

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