Friday, April 17, 2009

Roanoke Tax Day Tea Party A Success!!

Despite the slack-jawed bewilderment of the local fish wrap (i.e., The Roanoke Times) the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party represented a significant statement of dissatisfaction with the direction of our federal government. The Roanoke Times, just as most of the dying mainstream media, just doesn't get it. They want it to be a purely partisan exercise--Bush vs. Obama. It is certainly ironic how these journalistic geniuses delight in diminishing the intellect of conservatives, but the dumb ol' regular folk were dissatisfied before Obama was elected. Conservatives were irritated with Dubya's big government conservatism (an oxymoron) and the cowardice of congressional RINOs. The people at the Roanoke event, as well as like-minded folks elsewhere, are a bit deeper than the typical "educated" Lib who parrot John Stewart and Keith Olberman. In fact, I would say most of the great unwashed that the Roanoke Times editorial staff looks down upon would destroy any one of them in a discussion of the Constitution, American History, the free market and the meaning of liberty.

Obama and his Obamatron 2008 minions keep regurgitating their "95% of Americans will get a tax cut" mantra, but even we dumb ol' conservatives can decipher that a system that has already de-burdened over 40% of the population from any income tax responsibility cannot possibly give 95 % a tax cut. That isn't politics, it's basic math. Despite all the frenzied protests to the contrary, Obama is talking about income redistribution through various refundable tax credits for which people will receive payments whether they paid any taxes at all. They can call a duck a pig all day, but that critter is quacking not oinking.

For Leftists like the Roanoke Times staff, class warfare is a fundamental. However, that Marxist ideal is not something that appeals to many of us. As much as Democrats try to gin up anger, we don't hate rich people. In fact, we understand that high taxes on businesses have a negative impact on all of us. From a governmental standpoint, the United States has a very unfriendly attitude toward free enterprise. We realize that policies that will raise the costs of doing business are an indirect tax on every American. You see, we get the shell game.

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  1. I wrote a post in response to the RT's editorial staff...they, like so many on the left who are so jaded, just don't get it.

    A conservative high school history teacher...There's hope yet ;)