Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - Biden Goes to Bat for ‘Equal Opportunity in Athletics’

Equal opportunity? Tocqueville once said of America that it is a nation that would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom. If that was true in the mid-19Th century, it is even more so in the 21st. Title IX is only a small factor in the increased participation of women in intercollegiate athletics, however it is a primary reason for the demise of many men's sports programs. Women have plentiful opportunities to participate in college athletics. However, the hairy armpit, angry feminist crowd revels in the destruction of men's programs in order to achieve "equality."

Maybe the rules of the game need to be changed. Instead of allocating programs based on which bathroom the athletes use, let's make it truly fair: base it on which one brings more money into the university. If we go that route, women's intercollegiate athletics will go the route of the Mainstream Media's credibility (nonexistent). At most schools, men's football and basketball are the money makers. If, with the incredible opportunities afforded today, the feminist loons want to continue this nonsense let's make it all about the Benjamins!

Do I want to see women's sports programs eliminated? Of course not! What I want to do away with is the never-ending bleating of grievance politics. Whether its from some man-hating shrew in NOW or from a blowhard vice-president who gives less to charity than a homeless person, I'm over grievance politics. This is not about female opportunity. It's about denying male opportunities to satisfy a loud, detestable constituency. This is a nation built on liberty NOT equality. It is time for the radical egalitarians to move on. - Biden Goes to Bat for ‘Equal Opportunity in Athletics’

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