Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walter E. Williams : Salt Tyrants -

Dr. Walter E. Williams hits a home run with his dissection of the Statist-Progressive-Leftist jihad against salt. Yes, salt. The federal government wants to control salt. How far will the madness go?

What the anti-tobacco zealots established is that government had the right to forcibly control our lives if it was done in the name of protecting our health. In the Foundation for Economic Education's Freeman publication, I wrote a column titled "Nazi Tactics" (January 2003): "These people who want to control our lives are almost finished with smokers; but never in history has a tyrant arisen one day and decided to tyrannize no more. The nation's tyrants have now turned their attention to the vilification of fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Kentucky Fried Chicken, charging them with having created an addiction to fatty foods. ... In their campaign against fast food chains, restaurants and soda and candy manufacturers the nation's food Nazis always refer to the anti-tobacco campaign as the model for their agenda."

Sadly, we live in a country that includes too many people who have no problem allowing the government to tyrannize their neighbors with good intentions. There is no tyranny like one carried out for the "good" of the victims. It is all well and good to call attention to healthy habits, but there can be no liberty in a country where the government passes laws governing what the people are allowed to eat.

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Walter E. Williams : Salt Tyrants -

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