Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, Bart, Your Yellow Streak Is Showing...Bart Stupak Retires

Well, that didn't take long. Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak, fresh from his cowardly capitulation on ObamaCare, has announced that he will not run for re-election. Stupak was the voice of so-called "pro-life" Democrats who claimed they would not vote for a health care bill that allowed for federal funding of abortion. Yet, there they were, a gang of lying reprobates, voting for an ObamaCare bill that did not prohibit federal funding for infanticide.

Of course, that was OK according to Bart the Bullcrapper. President Barry Obama promised that he would take care of that with an executive order. And who is more honest than President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Alinsky Obama? One little problem. Executive orders cannot overrule laws passed by Congress. Executive orders can be issued to direct the work of federal agencies. How can an executive order have any sway unless the government is taking over the health care industry (which the Big O, San Fran Nan, and Former-Senator-Walking Harry claim it is not)? You see, they say whatever is convenient for a particular constituency.

Stupak simply wanted the Fascist-in-Chief to supply cover as he claimed to be a "pro-life Democrat." Stupak was a phony and political opportunist. The reaction to his gutless turn has been massive and ol' Bart didn't want to spend the next seven months fighting a GOP challenge while trying to justify his Judas turn against the unborn. Good riddance, Bart!

Rep. Bart Stupak won't seek reelection - Mike Allen and Josh Kraushaar -

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