Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Concerned Women For America Miss The Health Care Point

Last night I received a phone call from Concerned Women for America. This is an organization that I strongly support, so I was shocked that I found myself lecturing the solicitor about the current ObamaCare legislation in the Senate.

The CWFA is, of course, making phone calls to solicit money for their lobbying efforts. Fine. Such organizations need cash to function and they call those who they believe agree with their work. Usually, I am on board with the CWFA.

The entire focus of the caller's script was on keeping abortion funding out the legislative plans to conduct a hostile takeover of the American health care industry. The CWFA recently posted an article in opposition to certain provisions in the House bill. The CWFA is unwittingly making the same mistake that Conservatives have been making for decades.

Simply put, its the liberty, stupid! If Conservatives focus on debating the rationale or legitimacy of certain elements of healthcare nationalization, they are missing the big picture. The whole notion is an assault on the individual liberty of the America people. Debating specific passages of an Orwellian 2,000-page legislative assault on the American people is asinine.

Take out abortion funding. Take out penalties for those who refuse to purchase insurance. Take out the government's ability to decide what procedures can be covered (FYI, they already do this in our so-called "free market"). We would still have a government-run health care system that will destroy individual freedom and saddle our children and grandchildren with stifling debt while eviscerating the world's best healthcare system.

It is fine to make people aware of some of the worst measures in the bill if it helps stir the blood to fight back against the Kremlin on the Potomac. However, it must be made clear to our elected officials that we are protecting liberty. They have crossed the Rubicon and we need to make sure they are stopped before further encroachments on our freedoms occur. Our future depends on it.

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