Monday, November 9, 2009

Ralph Peters' "Fort Hood's 9/11" And The Mounting Evidence That A Terrorist Attack Took Place

Ralph Peters wrote a strong piece in the New York Post that makes clear that the tragedy at Fort Hood was a terrorist attack.

This was a terrorist act. When an extremist plans and executes a murderous plot against our unarmed soldiers to protest our efforts to counter Islamist fanatics, it’s an act of terror. Period.

When the terrorist posts anti-American hate-speech on the Web; apparently praises suicide bombers and uses his own name; loudly criticizes US policies; argues (as a psychiatrist, no less) with his military patients over the worth of their sacrifices; refuses, in the name of Islam, to be photographed with female colleagues; lists his nationality as "Palestinian" in a Muslim spouse-matching program, and parades around central Texas in a fundamentalist playsuit — well, it only seems fair to call this terrorist an "Islamist terrorist."

But the president won’t. Despite his promise to get to all the facts. Because there’s no such thing as "Islamist terrorism" in ObamaWorld.

And the Army won’t. Because its senior leaders are so sick with political correctness that pandering to America-haters is safer than calling terrorism "terrorism."

And the media won’t. Because they have more interest in the shooter than in our troops — despite their crocodile tears.

It has been truly disgraceful watching and listening while excuses and justifications are made for this piece of human refuse, Nadal Malik Hasan. This vile subhuman has made it clear he is an enemy of the United States while drawing a paycheck from its taxpayers and maintaining employment despite an ever-growing list of "red flags" that should have resulted in this murderer's expulsion from the military. Some of his actions prior to the killings were deserving of criminal investigation.

Political correctness is an epidemic that kills. Hasan maintained his position because no one wanted to be seen as an anti-Muslim bigot. Speaking for myself, I would much rather be called a bigot while protecting the lives of fellow Americans than kick the can down the road in the name of diversity and allow the "diverse" killer to murder American soldiers. Those who knew of Hasan's vitriol towards America and heard his incendiary language while staying silent should be held responsible for these deaths.

It seems that every hour more information is coming to light. Hasan was involved with a radical cleric who is tied to al Qaeda and U.S. intelligence officials knew about it.

Major Hasan’s 10 to 20 messages to Anwar al-Awlaki, once a spiritual leader at a mosque in suburban Virginia where Major Hasan worshiped, indicate that the troubled military psychiatrist came to the attention of the authorities long before last Thursday’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood, but that the authorities left him in his post.

“There was no indication that Major Hasan was planning an imminent attack
at all, or that he was directed to do anything,” one senior investigator said. He and the other officials spoke on the condition of anonymity, saying the case was under investigation.

Whether or not Hasan announced his plans to commit mass murder or not is immaterial. If individuals in the U.S. military are involved with radical Islamists and expressing sympathy for suicide bombers, they need to be removed from the armed forces. There is an ocean of difference between an individual disagreeing with government policy and actively supporting our enemies. Should the United States have inducted Nazis into the World War II marines? Maybe we should have allowed Viet Cong to camp out at Fort Bragg.

The mealy-mouthed reaction to Hasan's lunatic rantings begs the question, "how many more Islamist would-be murderers are in the U.S. military?" If Muslim soldiers are involved with radical mosques and openly endorsing jihad against the American infidels they should be removed or imprisoned. I doubt that patriotic Muslims would disagree with such a policy. They are as endangered by the semi-human extremists as are we "infidels."

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