Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sean Hannity Should Not Throw Stones About Plagiarism

Conservative talk radio is at its best when it is clever, smart, informative and dressed with zesty helping of satire. That is why Rush Limbaugh is Public Enemy #1 to Statist-Marxist-Democrats. No one does it better. Mark Levin is a great legal mind who guts Leftist legal doctrine like Sarah Palin field dressing an elk. Neal Boortz, the Talkmaster, infuriates me at times with some of his social views, but he represents Libertarianism like no other. Sirius morning superstar Mike Church has an incredible grasp of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. In fact, Church's commentaries on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention along with other issues related to the Founding should be studied by the rest of the talk radio upper strata so that they might build a stronger foundation for their political ideology. Of course, I think at least one of the heavyweights does listen to Church, though only to steal gimmicks and not to educate himself.

Yesterday, Sean Hannity went on a long diatribe about the earth-shattering and inventive concepts that are present on his website and how the rest of talk radio copies his intellectual property. Of course, it was OK since he takes it as flattery. He went on...and on...and on. That, by the way, is his most noticeable trait: the beating of a dead horse.

As Hannity droned on about his superior and "original" ideas, my mind drifted back to the summer. Soon after President Obama (and other Democrat "leaders") referred to Conservatives as "an angry mob", Mike Church began asking his listeners to make up a mob name when they called in to the show. It was funny and the callers came up with some creative ideas. Several days later, out of the blue, Sean Hannity begins running the same bit. He was so proud of comedy invention, you would think Seano Marx had just created the "knock, knock" joke. Truth was, he was just stealing a bit from another talk show host. I guess Church is what Hannity and Levin refer to as one of the "back benchers." Note to Sean: Nancy Pelosi will wear a "What Would Reagan Do" t-shirt before Mike Church will need to steal show ideas from you.

Mark Levin also devolves into the attacks on other hosts and that is unfortunate. He has been less involved in that nonsense since the success of his marvelous book, "Liberty and Tyranny." Hopefully, he realizes that he just has to do his thing and listeners will know they are hearing a keen legal mind. He doesn't need to be in a mud fight with Michael Savage. Savage has his niche and Levin has his. While he still refers to the "back benchers" he usually makes a quick comment and moves on. Hopefully, Levin will realize his work stands on its merit and that jabs at other talk show hosts are useless diversions (unless the comments are about specific comments that don't advance the cause).

When Hannity starts tooting his own horn and attacking others, it can last hours (ok, it may only seem that long). Hannity's work with the Freedom Concerts deserves praise. He does champion Conservatism over Republicanism in most cases. His radio and TV presence give him a large audience. Why the anger? Look, Sean, do your thing and don't assume you invented every talk radio bit or website feature in the marketplace. It is obvious you are not above cannibalizing others' ideas. Let's remember, the enemies are Marxist Democrats and RINO's, not competing talk show hosts.

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