Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mary Landrieu Believes There Is A Difference Between Call Girls and Streetwalkers

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is one of those phony "conservative Democrats" who always pretends to be waffling between protecting liberty and growing the state. Most recently she has pretended to be against the Statist Democrats' desire to nationalize the American health care industry. However, she agreed to vote "yes" to the first procedural hurdle to open Senate debate on the Obama Care assault on the American people. And it only cost taxpayers $100 million. Ooops, make that $300 million. Who says? Landrieu herself, as reported on Newsbusters:

In explaining the latest Hurricane Katrina extortion, Landrieu boasted:

"Our state is still as poor as it was, if not poorer. I am not going to be defensive about asking for help in this situation and it is not a $100 million fix, it is a $300 million fix."

But, she denied that $100 million provision was the reason she had decided to vote in favor of cloture.

"I'm proud to have asked for it," Landrieu said. "I'm proud to have fought for it and I will continue to. That is not the reason I am moving to debate. The reason I am moving to the debate, as expressed - in this statement and in hundreds of statements and speeches I've given over the last year or two on this subject, which should be self-explanatory."

Well, there you go. Four years ago. a natural disaster hit the nation's most corrupt and mismanaged state, therefore all Americans must sacrifice their individual liberty. Landrieu gets to dribble $300 million of pork on the Pelican State while the rest of America gets health care treatment at the whim of Tom Daschle and Ezekiel Emmanuel.

Senator Landrieu seems to believe that selling your integrity for $300 million is somehow more noble than giving it away on the cheap. She can call herself a call girl for the people if she likes. In reality, she is just another low rent streetwalker willing to sell something more precious than her body: the individual liberty of the American people. Hopefully, the citizens of Louisiana are not as cheap in their convictions as is Mary Landrieu.

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