Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Is A Great Day to Be A Conservative

The Conservative Republican sweep in Virginia and the GOP win over Jon Corzine in New Jersey made November 3 a turning point in the political fortunes of Conservatism in America. Not the Republican Party per se, but Conservatism. The three Virginia winners are all solid Conservatives and even Chris Christy in New Jersey is solidly Conservative on most issues.

This was also the first referendum on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid version of "hope and change." Big Media will attempt to downplay this fact, but it is inescapable. The Tea Party movement and the summer town halls all played a role in Tuesday's outcomes. These were votes for responsible government, not taxes, bailouts, and handouts.

Big Media will point to the Democrat win in the upstate New York congressional race as proof that Conservatism has been marginalized. The truth is just the opposite. Disgraced GOP nominee DeeDee Scazzafalla's endorsement of the Democrat candidate exposed the so-called "moderate" for what she and her ilk are: trojan horses who are simply misaligned Leftists. Conservative leaders across the country, for the most part, showed that they would support an independent over a RINO. No more Arlen Specters or Olympia Snowes. Doug Hoffman's loss was the result of party in-fighting and those who felt that outside forces influenced Scazzafalla's withdrawal. In the long run, Conservatives have shown that they must provide an alternative not an echo.

In one year, the entire House of Representatives and approximately one-third of the Senate will be up for re-election. What will happen? November 3, 2009 may well have been the preview for Election Night, 2010.

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