Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mark Warner and Jim Webb Support Harry Reid Over Virginia

From Norman Leahy at the Tertium Quids blog:

Warner, Webb both to vote "yes" on cloture

Both Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb intend to vote "yes" on the cloture motion tomorrow evening that will bring Sen. Reid's health insurance bill to the floor for debate.

Warner makes it clear he's looking for a handout (though probably not in Sen. Landrieu's league...but you never know), while Sen. Webb's office could only muster a spokesbeing, who says he'll vote "yes," too.

So...the debate will come, the taxpayers' checkbook will be opened wide and votes will be traded like shiny marbles on the Senate floor. It's just grand.

Hopefully, Virginians have caught on to the sad fact that Mark Warner and Jim Webb are not old-style "conservative Democrats." In fact, you have a better chance finding a Yeti than finding a "conservative Democrat" in the U.S. Senate. Warner and Webb are both dutiful stooges who answer to the Statist Democrat leadership and Democrat special interests.

Warner and Webb, like most politicians, assume the dumb masses have short memories and will forget all about their involvement in the Kremlin on the Potomac's takeover of the American health care system. Neither is up for reelection in 2010. Webb faces the voters in 2012 and Warner in 2014. Keep these traitorous actions filed away and when these Quislings ask to have their membership in Klub Kongress renewed send them to the unemployment line.

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