Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 9-12 March Was Not A GOP Lovefest

In the week following the 9-12 march on Washington, D.C., Big Media and frightened Leftists have tried to marginalize the outpouring of genuine patriotic concern as being a partisan, corporate-driven event. After spending over six hours in D.C. that day and covering a lot of ground, I did not see even one sign that was overtly pro-Republican. However, I did see quite a few that made it clear that Real America is just as unhappy with Republicans who have fostered the growth of the federal leviathan. This sign is a great example:

Leftists and Big Media are currently working overtime to develop the notion that the 9-12 March was all about President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's race. They choose to ignore that Conservatives have been frustrated with big government Republicans for years. When the GOP held the White House and Congress, they grew government. There were some attempts to reform and reduce segments of the federal government, but the party cowered at the sophomoric Democrat defenses. The party paid a heavy price in 2006 and 2008. Many Conservatives voted third party or stayed home. Independents and moderate Democrats who had helped put the Republicans in power decided to give the Democrats a shot. The GOP must take much of the blame for our current state because they first drifted from principle and that drift then gave an ever more radical Democrat party control of the keys of government.

The people who have protested at local Tea Parties, become citizen activists, spoke out at town hall meetings and converged in front of the Kremlin on the Potomac are not uninformed dupes (unlike those who get their "truth" from Katie, Brian, and Charlie). These are not brain-dead cheerleaders. They have a fundamental understanding of freedom and liberty. They know both parties have contributed to our precarious state. They know that "We The People" must hold all their feet to the fire if we are to return our country to the values and ideals that made it great.

Tea Party Patriots are not blindly-loyal Republicans. However, I think most understand that the Democrat Party is now a radical Leftist party that has no grounding in American values. The Republican Party has some connection to conservatism and a general respect for the Constitution. Most realize that "taking back America" first means taking back the Republican Party.

The frustration with the GOP's willingness to acquiesce to Leftist Democrats and make deals has many Conservatives ready to pursue third parties. I think most are realistic enough to know that a third party move will only help the Leftists, but the dissatisfaction with both major parties is real and growing. Tea Party Patriots will not support liberal Republicans. Keep an eye on Florida where Governor Charlie Crist assumed his nomination for the U.S. Senate to be a coronation, but is being thumped by Marco Rubio among the GOP base. Crist is a phony Republican in the Arlen Specter tradition. He is the candidate for Republican insiders who, again, are why we watching President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid shove a Marxist agenda down America's throat.
Around the country, Real America is fighting back hard against the Left's intrusions and usurpations. But, remember, a Republican is not automatically a big improvement over a Democrat. Grass roots activists and Real Americans must remind the GOP of its Conservative base and that compromises with tyranny still march us in that direction. Bipartisanship is not a goal to cherish. Principled partisanship is the only hope for restoring the free market and individual liberty as America's bedrocks.

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