Sunday, September 13, 2009

Washington, D.C. Sees The Biggest Tea Party Yet!

How many Real Americans crowded into Washington, D.C on Saturday, September 12? You have some media outlets reporting the turnout as thousands while other estimates have been as high as 1.5-2 million. My wife and I arrived after the march was already underway and we folded into the crowd working its way up Pennsylvania Avenue. I have been at sporting events with crowds that approached 100,000 and I can guarantee you the 9-12 protest was far bigger. Honestly, I don't have a concept of 1.5 million people in one place. However, I would estimate that Saturday's crowd was no less than 500,000.

Over the next several days, I will be posting some pictures of the event. The whole day was surreal. The frustration many of us feel when we see so many folks who have either swallowed the Leftist Kool-aid or who are blithefully ignorant of everything happening around them turned to euphoria while marching with and milling around among hundreds of thousands of like-minded Patriots. The mix of people was incredible. From old to young. Men and women (actually, I think I saw more women). The number of ethnic minorities would have shocked Big Media if they had paid attention.

My wife and I rode in on the Metro from northern Virginia with a couple from California. They were concerned that their state is rapidly becoming the People's Republik of Kalifornia. These folks were in an agricultural business and had been hit hard by the combination of oppressive regulations from both the state and federal governments. They had to be in D.C. for this event.

The multitude of signs we observed ran the gamut of political ideas. One thing I did not see all day was a sign that specifically hyped the Republican Party. These are people who are fed up with abusive government and do not care if the offenders are Democrats or Republicans. The overarching theme was limited government and individual liberty. The consensus from the overwhelming throng was "enough!"

Whatever the official attendance turns out to be, the numbers demonstrate the power of the New Media and the growing irrelevancy of Big Media (i.e., the mainstream media or dinosaur media). The major networks, most cable news channels, and major newspapers ignored the approach of the 9-12 event. What mentions did happen, made it appear to be no different than a small town Tea Party. Real Americans are seeking others who share their passion for liberty and through local Tea Parties, the conservative blogosphere, and talk radio word spread about the event. Even on talk radio (and I haven't listened as much in the last month since school started back), I didn't hear a tremendous amount of coverage about the march. I think everyone was shocked by the turnout.

The September 12 protest was not an end, but another notch on the timeline that has Real Americans working to march the country toward the tried and true principles on which this nation was founded. Some states have legislative elections this November (including Virginia which has an important governor's race). Congress and President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama still hope to ram nationalized health care and cap-and-tax legislation down America;s throat before the year is out. In many states, primary races are already underway for 2010 House and Senate races. It is vital that we stay engaged. Regular folks are exhibiting an extraordinary desire for liberty can take this country back from the many decades of government encroachment. We will be victorious!

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