Thursday, September 24, 2009

Elementary School Children Sing Praises To Obama--Frightening!

Indoctrination of the youth has always been a key tactic of statist regimes. Shaping the minds of a new generation is one of the surest ways to eliminate the thoughts and principles that previously guided a society. Now, a New Jersey elementary school brings us a teacher indoctrinating children through hymns of praise to Dear Leader, Barack Obama.

That isn't education. There is no excuse for such blatant indoctrination in a public school classroom. If this nitwit teacher wants to chant "yes we can" while she waves her "hope" and "change" signs, more power to her. However, she has absolutely no right to use the bully pulpit of the classroom to have children singing hymns to the Barack Obama.

In showing America what we were up against in World War II, Hollywood director Frank Capra produced the "Why We Fight" series. Check out the segment below for a look at schoolhouse indoctrination (the hymns for Hitler starts at about 7:40 of the video).

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