Monday, September 7, 2009

Andie Brownlow Warns The Soviet Strategy For American Collapse Is Succeeding

Can the United States of America be destroyed by an enemy that ceased to exist nearly twenty years ago? Andie Brownlow's piece in The American Thinker reminds us that the strategy of Soviet-led worldwide communism was not to dismantle the United States by invasion, but by incremental doses of Marxist-influenced policy. This didn't start with Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama. It didn't start with SDS in the 1960s. This has been going on for a century. These ideas have been fostered by useful idiots in high places since the so-called Progressive Movement.

Brownlow's piece is based on information provided to the west by a former Soviet journalist.

Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman, was a Soviet journalist and propaganda specialist for the KGB in 1965. A few years later, disgusted with what he was being asked to do for the KGB in India, he defected to Canada. He began to publically warn about the tactics of Soviet psychological warfare. No one knows for sure what has become of Mr. Schuman; it's rumored that he is now deceased.

Mr. Schuman explained that although Hollywood glorifies Soviet espionage and James Bond-style activity, in actuality only 10 to15% of the KGB's time was devoted to covert activity. The remaining 85 to 90% was spent on a four-step process called "Ideological Subversion."

The four steps in the process are:
1. Demoralization.
2. Destabilization.
3. Crisis.
4. Normalization.

Brownlow picks up Schuman's explanation of the demoralization process.

Mr. Schuman explains Demoralization as a 10 to 30 year process:

[To] educate a generation to expose them to the ideology of the enemy: Marxism, Leninism...without being challenged by American values.

The goal is six-fold:

1) Destroy the religion of the enemy; mock and discredit it. Promote corrupt alternatives and cults.

2) Insure the disruption of education. Distract from learning constructive and pragmatic subjects and replace them with studies on frivolous topics.

3) Destroy social ties and impede bargaining and conflict resolution. Bring in bureaucracy and dependence on authority.

4) Institute power structuring around unelected bureaucrats and the media.

5) Destroy labor relations by mediating employee /employer interaction. Create friction and oppositional relationships.

6) Warp law, order and morality. Demonize the police and those upholding the law. Make the bad guy look like a victim of society; justify his actions.

Are you getting the picture? Do these goals for demoralizing a stable republic sound like anything you have witnessed in recent decades? It might be time for the Nostradamus detectives to look at something more recent and more dangerous in terms of breaking down America. The social, educational, economic and moral changes of the previous decades have not been accidental. It is no accident that the radical Left is always to connected to these movements.

Even something as legitimate as the civil rights movement was fouled by Marxist influences who were more interested in adding Blacks to their anti-American coalition than in improving the lives and opportunities of Black Americans. The current political scene demonstrates how this works. Just listen to Al Sharpton, Je$$e Jackson and other influential Black leaders compare bans on same-sex marriage to the days of Jim Crow or even to slavery. This attitude is not consistent with most Blacks. Look at Black so-called "leaders" when it comes to school policy. No matter how poorly urban schools perform they support the education bureaucracy, dumbed-down curriculum, fluff courses, and accuse any demand for rigor as being based in "racism." I can't speak for Black Americans, but I would guess if you asked Black parents they would want their child to learn to read, learn to write competently, learn to use numbers effectively, and be given the skills for adult success.

Be sure to read the rest of Andie Brownlow's piece, "From Russia With No Love." Much of the Leftist plan for America has come to pass. We have to understand, and make our friends and neighbors understand, that politics are no longer a series of parlor games between rival fraternities. The thirst for government power we are now witnessing is a fight for America's soul. We have a choice. We either return to being the land of liberty, the world's last best hope, or we become just another footnote in history, a great power that gave in to the failed ideologies of mass dependence and worship of the state.

NOTE: For more details and background to support Andie Brownlow's "From Russia With No Love," check out Brownlow's website for more documentation.

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