Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joe Wilson Apologizes To Barack Obama; Will Obama Apologize To Republicans?

Since the end of Dear Leader's public regurgitation earlier this evening, Big Media has been apoplectic over South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson shouting "liar" when Obama claimed illegal aliens will not be covered under his health care takeover scheme. In fact, Wilson already called the White House and apologized for his actions. Wilson's moment may have violated some form of decorum, but when the most powerful individual in America spins a series of rehashed yarns that bear little resemblance to the truth, it is easy to understand the frustration of a patriotic American.

However, Wilson's outburst and later apology brings up another question: will President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama apologize to the Republican party and Real America? On numerous occasions during the droning speech, Obama accused Republicans and Conservatives across America of lying about the health care proposals in Congress. He, in fact, misrepresented their arguments time and again in his dishonest oration.

B. Hussein Obama bleats on about wanting bipartisanship and to work together, but the community agitator could not resist delivering the most partisan address I have ever seen from an American president. It was disgraceful and beneath the dignity of the office. Obama owes Real America an apology for refusing to honestly discuss their objections to his nationalized health care scheme and accusing them of dishonesty. Joe Wilson was man enough to apologize. Do you possess the same integrity, Comrade Obama?

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