Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Washington Post Tries To Save Creigh Deeds

Does The Washington Post (Compost?) plan to duplicate its 2006 feat when it took one word uttered by Virginia Senator George Allen and ran story after story until he lost to pathetic Democrat candidate Jim Webb? SWAC Girl has put together an excellent post which shows how Democrats are trying to use an old college paper to smear Republican Bob McDonnell. Big Media realizes the only hope for hapless Democrat candidate Creigh Deeds is to damage McDonnell with personal attacks. This, of course, is the Left's strength, so it bears monitoring.

It is interesting that McDonnell's blunt language in a pro-family position paper is so offensive to the Big Media when we just elected a President who:
  • Spent 20 years in the church of a racist, anti-semite pastor who the President called his spiritual mentor.
  • Told multiple, contradictory versions of his relationship with the minister before finally rejecting him after Hillary Clinton gained on him in the primaries.
  • Had a close working relationship and friendship with Weather Underground domestic terroristic Bill Ayers.
  • Told multiple, contradictory versions of his relationship with the unrepentent terrorist before finally claiming he was just a guy he happened to serve with on a board.
  • Had a long connection to far left socialist and communist friends and colleagues.
  • Wrote a racially charged biography before writing a tamer biography shortly before running for President.
  • Made his most passionate speech as a state legislator against a law that protected the lives of babies who survived attempted abortions.

Interestingly, we were instructed to disregard everything we knew about Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama during Campaign 2008. If we allowed his questionable past to impact our evaluation of him, then we were racist neanderthals. Aren't you glad Big Media is objective?

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  1. I think I walked away from the op-ed piece in the Post today with a different take. It wasn't completely negative. In the article they did point out that his voting record does not match up to the what the thesis said. Now, they did bring up Allen in a negative light. I just didn't see it as a hatchett job. They did endorse Deeds several months back, and I am sure that they will again in October, but so far it doesn't seem to be hurting McDonnell. We will need to wait until the polls come out next week to see.