Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Would Pay To See Chris Matthews Debate Mark Levin

MSNBC's signature Leftist Chris Matthews seems to have a problem with the fact Conservatives are literate and actually buy books that inspire critical thought and expose that which Big Media chooses to ignore. News Busters reports on Matthews' complaints about the "right wing crap" on the best seller list. Sounds like sour grapes, as Leftist books normally do not approach best-seller status. Of course, much of their constituency is illiterate or more likely to watch "Entertainment Tonight" than read a book.

Rather than dismiss books by folks like Mark Levin, Bill O'Reilly, or Michelle Malkin as "crap," why doesn't Chrissy bring them on his low-rated cable access program and dismantle their assertions? Since he is obviously their intellectual superior, he should bring them on "Hardball" and embarrass them. It is time for Chris Matthews to assert his domination over these Conservative thinkers.

The solution is simple: Chris Matthews should invite Mark Levin to participate in a one-hour debate during "Hardball." This will allow Matthews an opportunity to refute Levin's ideas in "Liberty and Tyranny" (and maybe even "Men in Black," since I'm sure the intellectual giant Chrissy would make short work of Levin). In addition, for one night MSNBC might actually draw a respectable audience.

How about it, Chrissy Matthews? After you demonstrate the power of Leftist ideology in squashing Conservative principles, the "right wing crap" will hold less interest. Come on, Tiger! Go get 'em!


  1. Absolutely. Chris Matthews, host of The Obama Mancrush Hour on MSNBC, is afraid to have Mark Levin on the show. They're afraid to have any real conservatives on their network, so they settle for the likes of David Frum and David Brooks, who speak for no one.

  2. Yep, Steve, they love to feature liberal Republicans posing as Conservatives. My local excuse for a newspaper, The Roanoke Times, has adopted Kathleen Parker as its main "conservative" syndicated columnist.

  3. PayPerView Live...cause that is the only way it could be done...otherwise MSLSD would edit it down to the three words Chris might get correct.