Friday, September 11, 2009

Message to Joe Wilson: Do Not Apologize to Those Sewer Rats!

It seems Amerika's Den of Thieves (aka the House Democrats) are poised to try to force South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson to grovel at their feet after his accurate shout of "you lie" at President Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama during his health care speech. They want to make an example out of Wilson for daring to challenge the honesty of Dear Leader in a public forum. After all, only Democrats can call a President a liar.

I think I can speak for Real America when I say: "Tell Nancy Pelosi, Bahney Fwank, Charlie "Tax Cheat" Rangel, and the rest of those cretinous villains to pound sand! You apologized to President Obama, which was appropriate. You don't owe these vermin jack squat."

Fellow South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn is demanding a formal apology. Oh really? This is the same sleazy ward boss who tosses around the word racist like a teenage girls says "like." Earlier this year, Clyburn accused those who opposed Obama's "stimulus" package of being "racists." Where is his apology?

If I had ten minutes to brainstorm, I could give you dozens of congressional Democrats who have accused political opponents of the most vile crimes and intents. Do they ever apologize? Not on your life.

At first, I agreed with those who believed Joe Wilson was right, but that the action was inappropriate. The Office of the Presidency belongs to all the people of the United States and we should respect the office even if the current occupant is an extreme Leftist thug. However, that respect cuts both ways. Obama accused his political opponents of lying time and time again during the speech. He used the bully pulpit of the U.S. Presidency to present a distorted and dishonest plan that will result in the government takeover of the American health care industry. If Wilson insulted the chief executive's office, so did the chief executive.

However, a conversation with a teaching colleague the next day totally cleared any thought that Wilson acted inappropriately. This teacher brought up the speech and the outburst and went on a diatribe about civility. I told him my belief that Wilson and Obama both behaved wrongly. This made him froth at the mouth. You see, Obama didn't actually use the word "liar" (of course, neither did Wilson). Obama's actions were OK because he said people spread lies, told tall tales, and broadcast misinformation. He didn't name any names. And, of course, Obama was right that all those "right wingers" are lying. Therefore, Obama was as pure as snow. There it was. The typical Leftist double-standard. This person only sees incivility in those who respect the rule of law and who want to preserve individual liberty. Those who wish to replace the Constitution and American values with socialism and Leftist ideologies can say whatever they damn well please.

Which brings me to now: "Tell Pelosi, Hoyer, Conyers, Clyburn and the rest to shut their pie holes. You'll apologize when Bahney Fwank completes an intelligible sentence. In other words, never."

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