Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Is There A 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington?

Why are patriotic Americans of all races, all parties, all religions, and all regions of the country coming to Washington, D.C. to march on Saturday, September 12? Here is a small hint:

No, this march isn't about John Conyers. He is simply an incompetent old clown, but his idiotic comments about congressmen reading bills symbolize the myriad problems infecting the federal government. Here is a group of people who wield immense power, most of which is illegitimate. Yet, they laugh in the faces of the American people over the notion that they should actually know what is in the bills they pass. No lawyer should be necessary to understand legislation that will impact all Americans (Conyers has a J.D. degree, but I'm guessing he didn't finish near the top of his class). If a congressman lacks the competence to do his job, he should be dishing up snow cones at the carnival.

This arrogance and abusive attitude is "business as usual" inside the Beltway. One thing that has struck me in the Tea Party protests I have attended is the variety of complaints people bring to the events. Some are upset about excessive taxation. Some are concerned about the growth of federal regulation and control. Some are worried about government takeovers of industries, especially the threats being made toward the health care industry. Some focus on the on-going assault on the family and America's social fabric. Many see through Statist calls for "energy independence" as the anti-energy, anti-freedom, anti-progress non-sense that they really are.

It would also be surprising to Big Media and Leftist Democrats who demonize and ridicule Tea Party protesters that these "angry mobs" aren't much happier with Republicans than they are with Democrats. Whereas Democrats used GOP excesses in spending and government growth to obtain the keys to spend even more, grow even more, and tax much more, these proud Patriots put America first and do not care if the violators are Democrats or Republicans. In some ways, I think protesters are angrier with the GOP because it was their incompetence and rejection of principle that facilitated the Democrat comeback in 2006 and 2008. We know the Democrat party has lurched hopelessly to the Left, but we expect more from Republicans.

This Saturday, September 12, Real America will descend on the one city with more phonies than Hollywood. These folks will be there not because of things they hate, but because of the things they love. They fundamentally understand that the liberty many Americans hold dear is in grave danger. There will be a Fair Tax contingent, a Citizens Against Government Waste faction, and folks chanting "drill here, drill now, pay less." All of the individual issues of concern to Real America come back to a love of individual liberty. The United States does not suffer from a lack of government. It does increasingly suffer from a loss of freedom. The people are finally saying, "we want out lives back." See you at Freedom Plaza on Saturday.

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