Monday, September 21, 2009

Support Government-Run Health Care Or You Will Be Punished!

At the behest of the loneliest guy in Washington, Democrat Senator Max Baucus, the Department of Health and Human Services is ordering an investigation of insurance provider Humana. Humana informed its customers that the so-called health reform bills floating around the Kremlin on the Potomac could have a negative impact on Medicare services down the road. The Baucus plan cuts Medicare by $500 billion dollars over the next decade. Gee, how could anyone possibly conclude a $500 billion cut will have a negative impact?

Baucus' temper tantrum is truly chilling.

The Senate committee that Baucus chairs — Finance — will vote this week on a sweeping health care plan that he's proposed to expand coverage and try to control costs. It would cut Medicare and Medicaid spending by about $500 billion over 10 years, but Baucus says that would lead to greater efficiency, not reduced benefits.

"The health care reform bill we released ... strengthens Medicare and does not cut benefits," said Baucus. "From lower prescription drug costs, to free preventive care, to better treatment for chronic conditions, seniors have so much to gain from health reform — and I'm not going to let insurance company profits stand in the way of improving Medicare for seniors."

Dem-speak is a magical language. Abortion becomes reproductive health services. Illegal aliens are not really illegal aliens if we can pass a bill to make them legal. The government forcing people to pay for a service is not a tax. A $500 billion cut is an increase in services. Orwell would be proud.

The political double-talk is not surprising. However, the heavy-handed manner in which Democrats have attacked all dissent in recent months is somewhat alarming. Remember President Obama's for reporting those who actually read the health care bills and reported what they read? Or the President using the bully pulpit of a speech in front of a joint session of Congress to accuse those who dispute his numbers, assertions, and wisdom of dishonesty and telling the country he will not put up with it? Now, an insurance company is under federal investigation for informing its customers that Beltway Democrats are cooking up a plan that will have a negative impact on them.

It may be time to finally retire the unfair term "McCarthyism" and replace it with a more apt term for intolerance of political dissent: "Obamaism." It is increasingly clear that this White House and the Democrat leadership believe an election win trumps the Constitution. Humana has every right to advocate for the health care reforms that they believe will be most appropriate. They are under no obligation to accept this administration's fairy tale machinations.

Health care in America could use some common sense, free market reforms, but is hardly in a crisis. However, every day that passes brings another piece of evidence that freedom of speech is in grave danger in 21st century America.

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