Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barack Obama, Henry Gates and the Attack of the Race Baiters Part Infinitum

Pardon me, but I am sick to death of the on-going "conversation" on race in America. I know I'm just a privileged White guy (not really--Dad worked as a railroad brakeman and Mom as a homemaker), but it seems apparent to me that racism is much more a mechanism for grievance politics than a daily reality in American life. Don't get me wrong, I am well aware that there are bigots and there always will be. In fact, there are bigots of every race, ethnicity and gender. However, the stock phrase "we've come a long way, but we have a long way to go" is asinine in this day and age. The "long way to go" part simply means this: Democrats and the Race industry (i.e., Je$$e Jackson, Al Sharpton, and various so-called "leaders") are not finished using the average Black American to advance their power and position.

The arrest of Professor Henry Gates stemmed from a misunderstanding. From all accounts (including Black policemen and officials), it was Professor Gates who blew the situation out of proportion. The police responded to a call about a break-in. They found Mr. Gates. Of course, they were right to expect him to produce ID before they believed he was the home owner. Gates, who is a long-time engineer on the racial grievance train, went ballistic and was charged for his behavior toward the officers NOT for breaking into his own house as the mainstream media imbeciles have reported. The charges were later dropped, but it didn't stop the race hounds from being released on the public once again.

Last night, I watched part of CNN's "Black in America II." The psychology at work is fascinating. A segment about affluent Blacks was particularly interesting. It was repeated over and over that White people would be surprised these folks exist. Really? I have been White for most of my life and I can honestly say I don't recall ever having a conversation that included shock about a Black person working in a high-paying profession. Why would anyone be surprised to find Blacks working as stock brokers, doctors, lawyers or CEOs? The answer is simple: so-called Black "leaders" are the culprit for many of the negative images.

It is political Leftists and community organizers (like Je$$e, Al, and Barack) who constantly tell us that something has to be done for Black Americans. The implication is that Black Americans cannot do for themselves. Lowering taxes would help Black American. Improving the climate for business start-ups would help Black Americans. Getting the government out of individuals' lives would help Black Americans. Increasing domestic energy production would help Black Americans. Of course, those same things would help Whites, Asians, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders. In other words, truly effective public policy is not race specific.

Every day, Black Americans are taking advantage of educational opportunities. Every day, Black Americans are making smart financial decisions. Every day, Black Americans are working to take care of their families. Every day, Black Americans are counseling their children to do the right thing. Every day, Black Americans are working to advance in their jobs or maybe even starting their own businesses. Again, the key has nothing to do with race. These are individuals making smart and effective decisions to improve themselves and their families. They make the right decisions because they are good citizens and good people, not because they are Black.

Good public policy is color blind. It is not black vs. white. It is government vs. the individual. It is time the race warlords surrender their superiority. There is a cottage industry that has built its wealth and prestige on telling regular folks that they need the Democrat party and the self-appointed Black elites to maintain a basic existence. It is time for new leadership in the Black community that cares more about individuals advancing rather than upholding rotting institutions that have provided decades of disservice.

Let's be logical about this. The Democrat party has dominated the politics of almost every major urban area in America for decades. They control the states with the highest tax rates, the highest unemployment rates, and the highest crime rates. Yet, every election Leftist-Liberal-Progressive Democrat elites tell Black people they are the saviors of the race. The race warlords work hard to deliver votes for the Democrat party by promising more of the same policies that have not worked. Group identity politics has been a disaster.

I will give President Obama credit for giving an apology (sort of) for the disgraceful attack he launched on the arresting officer in the Gates affair. To whatever degree true racial profiling exists, we should all desire an end to the practice. However, just as importantly, we must also reach a point where a misunderstanding between a White person and a Black person can occur without the ghosts of lynchings past being invoked to convince Americans, Black and White, that little has changed in the last half-century. In fact, we have to be able to accept that it could just be the Black guy who acted like a jackass.

I started elementary school in the fall of 1970 in a school district that was integrated in 1967. Having Black students in class was no big deal. We never gave it a thought. I'm sure if you talked to Black kids from my school they heard mean comments from some kids at some point. But, it certainly was not part of the daily experience. Funny thing about kids, if you just leave them alone with each other they have no problem getting along. If all children are told they can succeed and are given the opportunities to do so, their skin color will not matter. However, when adults saddle their children with the baggage of the past the attitudes will become tainted. There will always be individuals who cannot release their racial prism. It is time that leaders resist the temptation to use the most base of human instincts to build their own power.


  1. Well, look.
    We continue to discuss racial profiling without mentioning the publicly available statistics that blacks are 7 times more likely to commit murder and 5 times more likely to commit robbery than whites.
    This is the reason that blacks are profiled.
    In fact, today they published a study in which tanning beds, which increase cancer risk by 2, are likened to mustard gas as a risk.
    This is a factor of 2. Blacks increase the murder risk over whites by a factor of SEVEN.
    Yet, it is brushed aside.

    When Holder said we're cowards about race, I wonder if he wanted to deal with these black crime statitistics.

    Three factors prevent whites from bringing it up. 1) is a fear factor, but this a small factor because many aren't even aware such statistics exist 2) is stupidity and lack of education on behalf of Americans. Americans remain mathematically retarded and in general, too stupid to appreceiate the correlation between blacks and crime and 3) because whenever whites do bring this argument goes in a direction in which whites are to blame once again for not providing jobs (handouts) to blacks.

    Blacks even use the argument that they commit more crime because they're profiled. This doesn't logically follow.
    However, it does follow that blacks, committing crime at 5 to 7 times the rate of whites will be profiled.

    Finally, I'll close with my assessment that blacks to not bring their own crime statistics up because 1) they don't need to. They get a pass and 2) because they can't fix it.
    No matter how much education we threw at the problem, it won't be fixed. Black youth, with dads, without dads would still be killing each other (and anyone else who got in the way) at at least 4 times the rates of whites.

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