Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Is The Mainstream Media Surprised That Wal-Mart Supports ObamaCare?

Wal-Mart's announcement of its support for Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's nationalized health care scheme has sent shockwaves through the state-run media. Shocking! The eeee-vil corporate giant supporting the kind-and-benevolent Democrats' desire to mandate mediocre medical care to all Americans is reported as a surprise development in the long march toward socialized medicine. Is the mainstream media really that stupid or are they convinced that we are?

Wal-Mart already has health care for employees. They see the strong possibility of more stringent federal regulations on employer-based health care and the likelihood of a government option. Hmmmm, so Wal-Mart can be a "good corporate citizen" and support universal health care while shedding the responsibility of paying for it directly. There is a reason the company has been so successful and will continue to be. They know how to play the game.

I don't fault Wal-Mart for this action. They are acting as good stewards of their company and their stockholders. They understand what Dr. Barry Mengele doesn't want you to grasp. The "public option" is less for individuals than it is for businesses. Why should they shoulder the responsibility of their employees' medical care when the imperial federal government is willing to take their workers into a government-based system?

Here is the other inconvenient truth of most government regulations and usurpations: despite all the "evil corporation" rhetoric that the Statists spew to the dumb masses these centrally-planned schemes are a boon to Big Bidness. The math is simple. Who can more easily absorb the greater costs of regulation and taxation, as established company or one that is growing or in the start-up phase? A larger corporation can diffuse the increased costs more broadly with less of a hit to the bottom line than can a smaller company. Ultimately, the consumers will pay any increased corporate taxes through higher prices, so Wal-Mart can do that more cheaply than can Bob-Mart, Sid-Mart or Dave-Mart.

Obama's health care scheme comes from the same totalitarian desires as his nationalization of banks, car companies and the energy industry. There is precedent. Americans should look back at FDR's horrendous National Industrial Recovery Act for an example of how this works. Competition and the free market were blamed for the depression that became "Great" with FDR's help. The NRA abolished competition and forced industries into strictly-enforced rules that eliminated the dynamism of capitalism.

So, expect more big corporations to jump on board. It is clear that any company that is willing to play ball with Comrade Obama will be taken care of and those who do not will become targets. I wonder how the Leftist propagandists will square their hate of corporate America with industrial support for universal health care? Or will they even need to as the dumb masses continue to mourn Michael Jackson and prepare for the next season of American Idol?

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