Thursday, July 2, 2009

Barack Obama Wins Daytime Emmy For Best Lead Role In A Drama

All politics has an element of propaganda, but Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama and his gaggle of clowns have taken the phenomenon to a new level. The staging of Obama's health care "town hall" was so blatant, I don't know whether to laugh or to be frightened. This seemed like something Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro would have arranged to put a happy face on their latest usurpation of individual liberties. Of course, given the fact that Obama is of the same voice as Chavez and Castro on the Honduran president's overthrow after trying to become lifetime dictator, maybe we should be more alarmed than amused.

The emotional bang came from a lady from southwest Virginia named Debby Smith who is dealing with cancer. She is not the villain and everyone wishes her well and hopes she will get the needed treatments for a full recovery. However, she was not just someone who happened to be there. She is an employee of Obama's Organizing For America brownshirts within the DNC. The White House brought her to the event. Maybe she should ask her boss about helping her out. Of course, to her boss, Comrade Obama, Ms. Smith was simply "Exhibit A" (his words) for why all Americans should turn their health care over to the imperial federal government. The hug made for nice theatre, but she was used as a prop for further Statist usurpations of American freedom.

If Leftist Democrats were serious about health care costs, they would examine the reasons for those costs. When was the last time you heard a Democrat seriously discussing changes to policies and laws that would give greater freedom and flexibility to individuals, employers, and insurers? No, they simply beat us over the head with "turn your life over to the government and all will be well." Its about power, pure and simple. The amazing thing is that the dumb masses do not laugh in their collective faces when Democrats talk about government making an industry, any industry, more effective and efficient. The federal government is the Babe Ruth of inefficiency.

The extent of the ObamAlinsky propaganda machine has even led to antique journalist Helen Thomas snapping back at their media control. Thomas is a leftwing elitist, but even she is alarmed at the White House's tight grip on media access and staging of events. Give credit to Helen Thomas; unlike Katie Couric, Andrea Mitchell, Chrissy Matthews, George Stephanopolous, and most of the Mainstream Media she still has at least a little journalistic integrity.

One question for the DNC, Barry Vladimir Hussein Obama, the Mainstream Media, and all the front groups raising money to propagandize Americans to forfeit their bodies to government control: instead of spending tens of millions (or hundreds of millions) of dollars on spin and misinformation, why not create a free market insurance company based on the principles you want the government to impose on the folks? If you really want to provide insurance to 46 million uninsured people, you could easily get the ball rolling without involving the other 260 million people. Or could it be power, not health is the primary concern?

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