Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Defends Barbara Boxer and Proves He Doesn't Understand Liberal Racism

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Harry Alford on "The O'Reilly Factor" and Bill again showed why he is on the margins of the Conservative movement. He just doesn't get it. He actually defended Kalifornia Senator Barbara Boxer's racist confrontation with Mr. Alford during a Senate committee hearing. O'Reilly said Boxer didn't intentionally insert race. He is probably right, but that is the problem. Racism is so endemic to Liberal-Leftist-Progressive-Socialist thought that they have absolutely no self-awareness.

Just like a child who is brought up by bigots to dislike people because of their race, Leftists are raised and nurtured on the notion of inherent differences between people. They develop a paternalistic notion that "those people" cannot function without the help of so-called "liberals." They are sub-citizens who must always be defined with an asterisk and managed as a group rather than treated as individuals.

That is why Boxer, as empty a head as exists in the Senate, was genuinely shocked that Harry Alford was indignant at her belittling of the Black Chamber of Commerce's climate change position. The BCC has been involved in studies of the issue for over a decade and has built a position based on scientific data. Boxer confronted a Black professional group's data analysis with a resolution of the NAACP, which is a partisan political organization. She could have dug up a different professional group's stance, but that never occurred to her. This was a Black group, so they must be countered with a Black group.

This should also be a message to the Republican losers who are constantly looking for a way to pander to Blacks or single women or Hispanics or homosexuals. DON'T DO IT! Democrats own the copyright on identity politics, so it is futile to compete. Besides, it is degrading to those who are members of those groups, but who actually see themselves as distinct individuals.

The media and racist Democrats have pulled the same non-sense with the Sonia Sotomayor nomination. "Republicans risk alienating Hispanics." "Republicans have a Hispanic problem." "Oppose her at your own risk." None of that has anything to do with deciphering whether or not she will be lying when she promises to uphold the Constitution. The opposition to Sotomayor had nothing to do with ethnicity; it was mostly about her own words and decisions standing in opposition to the Constitution and the role of the federal courts.

Leftists in the media and the Democrat party do not give one hoot about Hispanics (or any other minority) as individuals. They do revel in their ability to exploit race and ethnicity for political and ideological gain. When President Bush appointed Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Appellate Court, Democrats fought tooth and nail to defeat his nomination. In fact, they attacked his ethnicity calling him "unauthentic." Did the up-with-people media come to Estrada's defense and attack the Democrat filibuster? Did they accuse Democrats of denying an opportunity to an accomplished Hispanic man? Yeah, right!

Conservatives need to get their message out to people in these demographics. High taxes, intrusive government, heavy regulation, federal power grabs and creeping Big Brotherism is a threat to Americans regardless of race, gender or sexual preference. The Alford incident should be used to expose the racial superiority that under girds the politics of many White Liberal-Leftist-Progressive-Socialists.

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