Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barbara Boxer and Democrat Racism Exposed By Black Chamber of Commerce CEO

Kalifornia Senator Barbara Boxer is one dumb broad. Really, no pretense of respect for the person or her position is necessary. She is one ignorant, simple-minded bubblehead. Today, she was humiliated (though she is likely too stupid to realize it) by Harry Alford, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. During a Senate hearing, she did what comes naturally to Statist-Leftist-Liberals: she condescended to a Black man because, well, racial identity is the only thing that matters to "those people." Or at least she thought.

Oh my! Mr. Alford wants to be treated like an intelligent, accomplished HUMAN BEING rather than just a representative of "some Black group." You see, Democrats, who claim to have the high ground on issues of race, do not entertain the possibility that a Black man could debate an issue unless he focuses on race. Not all Blacks are Je$$e Jackson or Al Sharpton. Most Blacks folks are, well, just regular people. In whatever profession they occupy they are capable of discussing concepts, ideas, data, and analysis independently of their skin color. What, Senator Airhead, does being Black have to do with "green technology?"

Alford's response shocked Boxer. Many Black leaders accept the condescension and belittlement in return for a place at the table. They gain from their relationship with the Democrat party, so they do not quibble with being treated as a sub-class of Americans. I don't know Harry Alford's politics, but it was great to see a Black man sit in the U.S. Senate and tell an arrogant buffoonette that she was playing race games rather than dealing with the issue at hand. Let's hope more folks of color begin standing up to this nonsense.

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  1. I guess a little context wouldn’t hurt on this matter.

    Please follow along at the Environment & Public Works Site at:

    19:11 (minutes)- Boxer (misnomer) states emphatically that "we have all the facts" despite the claim that the panel was for the purpose of open debate on a very important matter.

    21:13 - Boxer says that she'll give 5 minutes for everyone to speak but contests her colleague of doing the same in the past.

    26:55- Boxer condescendingly comments that the minority leader of the committee actually used only 5 minutes in his intro.

    27:19- Senator Carper (Boxer supporter) gives his credentials as a way to justify is comments on the topic, which includes having military experience. Later Sen. Carper finds it useful to comment that he is the only one who seems to quote Einstein.

    27:45- Senator Carper implies that taxpayers need to be fooled into pay more taxes.

    33:00- Sen. Barrasso submits quotes from sources that are relevant to the topic but that contradict what Boxer claims to be facts.

    35:30- Boxer takes time out to argue Sen. Barrasso sources by submitting her own sources.

    39:20- Boxer turns her back on Sen. Bond to talk to aide. Apparently, since Sen. Bond doesn’t agree with Boxer there is no need to listen.

    41:30- Sen. Whitehouse (Boxer supporter) gives salty comments to evidences submitted by Sen. Bond.

    55:55- Panelist Doerr (Boxer pal and fundraiser) suggests that all the energy that is consumed ($2 trillion by his figures) in the U.S. should not be purchased from overseas. Doerr thinks that by creating the technology domestically we can spend the money at home and become the global energy leader. No one attempts to mention the close relationship that Doerr has with SF Bay based company with Boxer.

    59:10- Panelist Doerr (Boxer pal and fundraiser) suggests that gov’mint hasn’t given a market signal for consumers to adopt clean energy. Never mind the fact that government never created market signals except when it comes to taxes, something most individual consumers can’t get around.

    59:40- Panelist Doerr (Boxer pal and fundraiser) says that Cap and Trade by the gov’mint on carbon is supposed to be the market signal to get consumers to change habits. Ignoring the fact that high prices and low price change habits in every instance.

    75:00- Panelist Alford responds that any legislation should account for the costs as well as the benefits. Seems like basic logic to me.

    75:13-Panelist Alford states that we need to be cautious of legislation that has more authors than readers.

    78:10- Before starting the official open debate with 7 minute sessions, Boxer says that Panelist Alford is wrong about his study. Boxer goes on to “suggest” that Panelist Alford is a gloom-and-doomer and people who aren’t optimist have been proven wrong time and again. Boxer uses the Bush strategy of “either you with us or your against us.” Boxer then applies the “don’t you agree” question to her buddy Panelist Doerr.

    88:00- Boxer finally ends her session of comment using 10 minutes of time which she was adamant about other using either 5 or 7 minutes and not to exceed that time.

    89:02- Senator Inhofe points out that China is already implementing “clean energy” strategies and “clean jobs” without implementing a “cap and trade” policy to accomplish the goal.

    95:04- Senator Inhofe says that the Waxman-Markey bill is a jobs bill because the EPA administrator Mrs. Jackson said that the passage of the bill would not materially impact carbon emission at all [see webcast at minutes 107:00 to 109.21]

    99:35- Boxer reach the point of no return for Panelist Alford.