Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Health Care Promotes Drug Use, But Tough On Cigarettes...It's All Smoke And Mirrors

The details are coming to the service as Congress prepares to put you and your family's health care in the hands of government bureaucrats. Under Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama's plan, tobacco use is the only vice that can result in an increase in insurance rates. Reckless sexual behavior? Smoking crack cocaine? Shooting heroin? No, an insurance company must insure those behaviors. In other words, deadlier behavior that can kill or leave a person with long-term physical ailments AND are completely the responsibility of the individual MUST be covered by insurance companies at the same premium as people who do not engage in such obvious risks. But, cigarette smokers are fair game.

From a financial or medical point of view, this makes no sense. But, none of this is about cost or appropriate medical treatment, is it? Tobacco companies have been painted as the "great Satan," so this is presented as a smackdown of the evil tobacco interests rather than of the smoker, who is typical lower middle class or poor. Of course, when that person can't afford coverage or their employer can't pay for insuring their smokers, who will be waiting with open arms? Why, our benevolent Imperial National Government will take them in.

There is more than one path to the Left's Utopian ideal of the government controlling your health decisions. What happens to insurance rates if they cannot charge premiums for those who insurees who are greater risks? They have to raise everyone's rates, so that those people are not "discriminated against." That means more people will not be able to afford their own and employers will not be able to pay for health benefits. Who picks up the pieces? Barry ObamAlinsky and his Brown Shirts will take care of you.

Understand, this is what Obama and the ruthless Left meant by the government creating "competition" for the health care industry. Never mind the obvious point that there are many health care companies competing with each other already (and more would enter the market if the government reduced its current regulatory barriers), the government would provide "competition." In LeftSpeak, "competition" means a new competitior with guns makes rules that apply only to the existing companies and that the new government entity does not have to follow and can change at its whim.

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