Friday, July 3, 2009

Saran Palin Resigns Governorship; Still Conservative Superstar

Sarah Palin's resignation announcement was definitely a surprise. Of course, her explanation made perfect sense. It is interesting that she had popularity numbers in the 80 percent range before she became the vice-presidential candidate for RATA (Reach Across The Aisle) McCain. They are still in the 50s despite the incessant attacks, most of which are coming from outside Alaska.

Palin is the biggest political star in the Conservative movement. There is speculation of a U.S. Senate run or competing for the 2012 GOP nomination. Some are saying she is done with politics. That still leaves some interesting possibilities.

Sarahcuda is a magnetic personality. The Left already knew her credentials before she was chosen as the VP candidate. That is why they stormed Alaska like it was Omaha Beach the next day. The attacks on Palin began immediately and have not ceased. They don't hate her because she is dense or corrupt. She is neither and they know it. She is, however, a strong and accomplished woman whose resume' is thick and who is a strong and articulate Conservative. She also does not back down from the jackals' attacks. If she were truly the flighty nobody they portray, they would not waste so much time and effort vilifying her. She is a real threat to their ideology.

Palin was the energy in the RATA McCain campaign. McCain's best selling point up to then was that he wasn't Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama. As soon as the people out in flyover country became acquainted with her, they fell in love. Not in the "hopey, changey" glazed-over manner of the Obama-bots; this was a woman who truly represents their values and point-of-view. She was not an elitist insider. These are the kind of folks who smell phony from a mile away. This woman was one of them.

Sarah Palin is not finished with public life. Dropping the constraints of public office will give her greater flexibility for her next stage. Family, of course, will be a huge part of her priorities. One need not hold public office to be a leader. As she has done her whole adult life, she will serve the public while taking care of her family. My hunch is that she will speak out for Alaska's energy resources and the need for allowing them to be tapped for America's energy future. At least in the short run, she can work on that issue which is of importance to her and her state as well as the rest of the country. From there, who knows.

One more hunch: the Left will continue to blindly hate Sarah Palin and do all they can to smear her. Unfortunately for them, the only folks buying that song are their fellow Leftist cretins. Real America recognizes a Real Woman, a Real Patriot, and a Real Leader.

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