Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rush LImbaugh Jr.: "The Americans Who Risked Everything"...Powerful History For Perilous Times

This inspirational presentation about our Founding Fathers from Rush Limbaugh Jr. (father of El Rushbo) should be read in every classroom in America. The risks taken by these exceptional men should humble us all when we whine about our own situation. It should also inspire us all to do what we can to affect change that draws us closer to their principles. They gave us an effective template and we have allowed greed, self-interest and rank stupidity to shred those ideals until our liberty hangs by very thin threads. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the U.S. Constitution. Read the piece by Limbaugh. Read Calvin Coolidge's remarkable speech on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration. Brand the words into your brain. Then, watch the actions of our 21st century government through the prism of their values and love of liberty. You will be angry. Let the anger make you involved.

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