Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Orrin Hatch: Czar of College Football

Orrin Hatch is supposed to be one of the solid, conservative leaders in the U.S. Senate, but with the a Son of Marx (Karl, NOT Groucho)leading our nation over the cliff the gentleman from Utah is worried about college football. You see, the mighty Utah Utes may (or may not) have gotten a raw deal from the Bowl Championship Series system that is currently used by the NCAA. Look, I personally find the BCS system idiotic and the automatic tie-ins to minor bowls an unfortunate change brought about by economics not better product. Ten or twelve or eighteen of the current bowls should be eliminated. Of course, a 6-6 record (a 50% grade) is seen by many as a sign of excellence these days. But, that is a sports discussion that is not worth the time of the U.S. Senate.

The point is, Senator Hatch, Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama has nationalized car companies, nationalized banks, fired executives, and vowed to continue the same practices that got those industries into trouble in the first place. Big BrObama is demanding we gut our energy system for unreliable and unproven alternatives; he is telling the world how terrible the United States is at every opportunity; he is working to destroy the world's greatest health care system in favor of a nanny-state medical system that has failed everywhere in the world; he is appointing federal judges who do not believe the U.S. Constitution has a place in the 21st century; and he is using federal programs to pay people to advance his political ideologies and priorities through propaganda campaigns. The media is in the tank for the radical Left. The entertainment and education systems are dominated by the hardcore Left. So, with all of this facing this great nation why in the name of Merlin Olsen are you ignoring all of these issues so that you can focus on college football bowl games? Geez, Senator Al Franken is more serious about the job than that.

One more thing, Senator Hatch. It's none of your business. At least it isn't in your job as a Senator. Please show me the part of the U.S. Constitution that grants the Congress the power to determine how college football will crown a national champion. If you want to appear with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet on ESPN and debate the subject that is just ducky. But, sir, America is currently facing the most serious internal threats in its history. You need to work on behalf of the people on things that truly matter. If you truly believe Utah Utes football is of the same importance as ObamaCare, eco-insanity, and judicial oligarchs it may be time to retire to your beloved home state and let the people send a Ute to D.C. that knows his job and knows the score.

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