Monday, July 13, 2009

Roanoke Times Lauds Leftist Virginia Organizing Project

The Left-leaning Roanoke Times kicked off the week with a front-page, feel-good story about two girls working locally for the Virginia Organizing Project. Back on June 3, I wrote about my visit from the VOP. The Roanoke Times, being loyal members of the State media, did not bother to point out that the "community organizers" are part of a Leftist coalition that pretends to be non-partisan while promoting issues like nationalized health care and the religion of global warming. If they come to your door, ask them who funds their organization. They are "trained" to simply say private donations (you know, ACORN, Media Matters, George Soros, etc.).

Subtle propaganda is so much fun. From the Roanoke Times article:

So far this year, canvassers have found that 78 percent of people say health care is a very important or the most important issue in their lives.
Now, that can mean a lot of things. For instance, I told them it is important that health care remain a free market concern and that Barry Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama does not Chief Doctor. Of course, health care is important. However, this group uses an overly simplified question to claim that 78% of their interviewees want the federal government to make their medical choices. Check out the list of groups affiliated with VOP:

ACLU Of Virginia
Advancement Project
BoatPeople SOS
Central Virginia APRI
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Clean Water Fund
Democracy South
Equality Virginia Education Fund
Environment Virginia Policy and Research Center
Fair Elections Legal Network
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Project Vote
Tenants and WorkersUnited
Virginia AFL-CIO
Virginia Association of Personal Care Assistants
Virginia Conservation Network
Virginia Education Association
Virginia Interfaith Center For Public Policy
Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
Virginia Organizing Project
Virginia Poverty Law Center
Virginia Sierra Club
Voice of Vietnamese Americans
Women's Voice, Women's Vote
Working America

Some are well known proponents of every Leftist ideology around. The ones that are lesser known are often even more Marxist in their goals.

The amount of money that has been spent and that is being spent around the country to create a government mandated health care trap could have been used to create a corporation that provides insurance to those who fall through the cracks. Instead, the plight of 15% of the population is being used to destroy the health care enjoyed by the other 85%. For young, bright-eyed college kids "giving" health care to everyone sounds like something only a soul-less cretin would oppose. The reality is that the health care issue is much more complicated. In fact, like banking, credit, housing, and automobiles, health care is already heavily regulated. Government, through regulation and judicial abuse, is a prime culprit in the high prices of medical care. The HMO system that is now the great villain was the creation of Congress in the 1970s with Senator Teddy Kennedy being the primary architect.

Plenty of Leftists have the means to create a privately-funded corporation to market low-cost health care. But, that isn't their goal. Statists like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Virginia Organizing Project are anti-liberty and want the State to literally determine who lives and who dies.

The non-scientific statistics in this article are indicative of the VOP's functioning as a propaganda tool.

During last year's canvass, Virginia Organizing Project found that 64 percent of
people they talked to identified health care as the most important issue.
Really? In a November AP-GfK poll it was reported that national health care ranked seventh among the priorities for the new President. A USA Today/Gallup poll from November 7-9 asked which of five issues should be President Obama's top priority. Health care ranked 5th out of 5, just ahead of the category "something else." A September Newsweek poll ranked health care seventh out of seven listed issues.

I wonder if the VOP canvassers are asking folks if they are comfortable with their older relatives being denied care by the government because they are a waste of resources. I wonder if they know doctors will be treated as criminals if they administer treatment outside of government approval. I wonder if they even know the problems with health care rationing and long waits for care in Canada, Great Britain, France, and other countries with socialized medicine. I wonder if they have even thought about the big picture.

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