Saturday, July 4, 2009

Remembering Our Treasonous Founding Fathers: Thank You!

It is sickening to hear the daily bleatings of Barack Vladimir Hussein Soetero Obama and the Democrat party calling themselves and their ideas revolutionary. What sheep squeezze! Tyrannical government which turns the people into subjects rather than citizens is not a revolutionary idea. In fact, it is one of the oldest political arrangements. The earliest warlords understood power and how to use people's basic needs to control them. Sorry, Leftist wonks, you are only about 4,000 years behind the curve.

The Founding Fathers, dismissed as limited and unimaginative by so-called "progressives," were the true revolutionaries. The word "revolution" does not just describe the act of separation from a great power. It also describes the ideas that formed the basis of their new political system. Individually, the ideas had roots in ancient Greece and Rome and elements had been pursued in Great Britain. No nation had ever put those ideas in motion in the way these enlightened gentlemen were poised to do.

Those who consider protest and criticism of traditional values a heroic act are simpletons. What risk does one take in criticizing American institutions? As of this moment, the First Amendment is still in tact. You can chant "Bush lied, people died" til the cows come home, but don't call yourself a revolutionary or pretend that you are taking great risks.

The men who voted to approve the Declaration of Independence on July 2, 1776 took risks. The lack of historical perspective causes most to see this group of "rich white men" as the establishment of that time. In fact, they committed treason. That's right. These extraordinary men risked a meeting with the noose to establish independence for the thirteen colonies. This was secession from the British Empire. Every one of those individuals lived under a death warrant after their act of defiance. Individual liberty for the American people was worth the risk. Some lost property. Some lost their freedom. Nine died of wounds or hardships during the Revolutionary War.

Please do not take them for granted. They are not simply names in a textbook or on a gnarled old document. They were genuine heroes who sacrificed their lives and fortunes for principle. They deserve our thanks, our gratitude...and our dedication to protecting the ideals for which they forfeited personal security to obtain liberty for a new and distinct people, the American people.

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