Monday, July 27, 2009

So Ted Kennedy is the "Knight" of Health Care Reform?

Lately, the Mainstream Media (i.e., Democrat Party Communications Team) has been touting Edward "Ted" Otis Norm Foster Brooks Kennedy as the "heart" of decades of Democrat desires to put a health care policy in every pot and a grievance on every tongue. He has even written editorials on the subject. His recent fight with brain cancer has been used to give the Massachusetts Marxist greater "moral authority" on health issues. That is a bit like putting Bill Clinton in charge of a program to mentor female interns.

Now, I will give Ted this: no American, living or dead, has been more consistently willing to take money from people who earned it and give it to people who have not. In Leftist-Liberal-Progressive circles that is a sign of humanity. After all, the government is much more trustworthy than individual citizens. But, the health guru? Let's examine...

The one time Ted Kennedy had it it his hands to make a life or death decision for another human being, he chose death. Ask Mary Jo Kopechne about Teddy's compassion. Suffocating girl or my political future? Not a hard choice for a privileged Limousine Liberal. Kennedy killed exactly one person more with his form of waterboarding than did the Bush administration. Of course, Bush was dealing with terrorists and Kopechne was a young girl who had the misfortune of being caught up with an irresponsible drunk.

Most of today's health insurance system is a product of the HMO Act of 1973. Who was the author? Yep, Teddy Kennedy. Just as he had been a champion of illegal immigration and undershot the costs of Medicare by nearly $500 billion, Kennedy blustered that the HMO system would save money and be more efficient than the traditional pay-for-care system. Now, the system HE helped created is the bane of humanity and causing death in the streets.

More recently, JFK's embarrassing little brother has endured an episode with brain cancer. Hopefully, he will have a full recovery and live many more years. But, under ObamaCare would Ted Kennedy received the top shelf treatment he has gotten? After all, he is 78 years old with a long history of obesity and heavy drinking. The answer, of course, is YES! He is an elite member of the Leftist establishment.

But, would YOUR parent get the same care? Absolutely not, unless they are part of the Democrat inner circle. You see, the one cost-cutting provision in the "reform" bills in Congress involves government making life and death decisions. Older people will not be treated before their value to society is evaluated. "Liberal Lions" will get the best available care. But, what of regular folks? Yeah, they are your loved ones, but that is irrelevant. They are simply old people who are sucking the system dry. They need to accept fate and die. After all, its for the children.

Forgive me, if I don't find an aging trustfund baby with a record of short-sighted legislation, personal irresponsibility and Marxist idealism to be a beacon of intelligent reform. He has no moral authority on any level of the health care debate.

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