Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ACORN Nuts To Run The 2010 Census

The amazing thing about the corruption and dishonesty in Barry Hussein Obama's administration is that it is pretty much out there for anyone to see. One would think the media would be all over a story involving a corrupt group of "community organizers" who have been convicted, charged or are under investigation in about half the states being given a critical role in the 2010 census. President Obama has already taken much of the traditional role of the Department of Labor in the census and put it in the hands of his Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Never mind that Emmanuel is one of the biggest partisan hacks in D.C. ACORN is a criminal enterprise and has the convictions to prove it. Barry Obama trained ACORN workers in the teachings of his fellow traveler Saul Alinsky. Oh, and by the way, even during the 2008 campaign season where they worked for Obama and other Democrats nearly 50% of the voter registrations they turned in to registrars were fraudulent. I'm sure the mainstream press will start investigating the ACORN plans for the census as soon as the massive death toll from the swine flu in the United States slows.

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