Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Democrats to CIA: Don't Interfere With Our Right To Lie!

The on-going saga of Democrats and their knowledge of the use of enhanced interrogation techniques would be comical if the so-called mainstream media would do its job and call them out. While waging constant attacks against the Bush administration, it is clear that congressional Democrats knew of the techniques from the beginning. A declassified summary of congressional briefings exposed their dishonesty. Nancy Pelosi has changed her version of her exposure to information on at least four occasions. Even her second-in-command, Steny Hoyer has now called for an investigation to include her. Like a schoolyard bully reeling from finally being punched in the nose, these lying hacks now accuse the CIA of picking on them.

In the big picture, the whole torture story is another chapter in the Bush Derangement Syndrome epidemic that still infects Leftist Democrats and their press flunkies. However, if they are truly as outraged as they claim, then full investigations must be made into Democrats who were privy to the information. That would be the principled thing to do, now wouldn't it?

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