Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colin Powell AGAIN Promotes "Washington Generals" Republicans

Colin Powell continues to do his best to destroy his reputation as a man of integrity. This phony "I want to save the Republican party" nonsense has become tedious. Powell has made it clear he is not a Conservative. However, the Republicans did not run a Conservative in 2008. They ran Mr. Reach-Across-The-Aisle, John McCain. Heck, McCain was basically chosen by Democrats who crossed over and voted in Republican primaries. But, despite the presence of a very "moderate" GOP candidate, the good general voted for far Left Democrat Barack Obama. Powell got his panties in a wad when Rush Limbaugh intimated that race was a factor. Fine, General Powell, I hate to offend your sensibilities. That leaves us with one other option: Colin Powell is either an imbecile or dishonest. Obama is not just a Democrat; he is a full-blown Socialist who rejects the principles that our country was built upon. Is General Powell's love of country so weak that the specter of associating with pro-life Conservatives forced him into Marxism?

The Washington Generals were the hapless team that traveled with and lost to the Harlem Globetrotters on a nightly basis. This was the status of Congressional Republicans from 1954 until 1994, although they had started to demonstrate some courage in the shadows of Ronald Reagan's victories in 1980 and 1984. Reagan and the Conservatives who ignited the Revolution of 1994 did so with a clear Conservative message, not by promising to be Splenda-crats. The GOP brand has fallen on hard times because its leaders abandoned the ideas that put them in power. I was regularly stuck at how a Republican President and Republican congressional majority behaved like 98-pound weaklings and allowed themselves to be rolled by demagogues like Chuck Schumer and Bahney Fwank.

Since the 2008 election, Republican weasels like Tom Ridge, Arlen Specter, and Colin Powell have whined about how the Republicans need to act more like Democrats. The GOP has tried the brand of Democrat Lite that Colin Powell advocates. George H.W. Bush ran on Reagan's coattails, but was a country club Republican at heart and became a one-termer. Bob Dole was the quintessential Beltway lifer who was happy to be in the minority as long as he could claim a few goodies for his constituents. George W. Bush won elections running as a Conservative, but on too many key issues was no different than the Democrats and was a major reason for the disasters of 2006 and 2008.

Republicans do not need to play the identity politics game that Powell espouses. The do not need to change their values. However, they must demonstrate to individuals that race, gender, disability or sexual preference are irrelevant. High taxes, over-regulation, bloated entitlements, obscene deficits, and creeping Big Brother-ism is a threat to all Americans. This isn't about the tent not being big enough. Republicans who are really big government Statists should move to the Democrat party. Good riddance, General Powell!

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