Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor Appointed To Supreme Court of Policy Makers

A few thoughts on Barack Vladimir Hussein Soweto Obama's appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court:

First, there is the soundbite that will be played over and over on tak radio and possibly FOX News involving Ms. Sotomayor's believe that appeals courts are policy making bodies. The Leftist/Statist media is already claiming her remarks are taken out of context. You be the judge.

I saw and heard the face of Leftist arrogance. Ms. Sotomayor should consult the document that she will take an oath to uphold: the U.S. Constitution. All legislative powers are vested in the Congress. She obviously believes that her own personal wisdom trumps the law. Simply put, the Constitution and the law are irrelevant. The judiciary is an oligarchy where five lawyers can trump the will of the people and their elected representatives.

Second, her personal story is held up as extraordinary. She has overcome obstacles and worked hard to get where she is. Her Hispanic heritage is being celebrated. Maybe I'm missing something, but did Alberto Gonzalez and Miguel Estrada experience the celebration of their heritage when receiving appointments from President Bush? Was Clarence Thomas' remarkable personal story extolled when he was named to the Court by Bush 41? I applaud Ms. Sotomayor's hard work and perseverance, but the media slobbering is a function of her being a dedicated Leftwing judicial activist.

Finally, Barack Vladimir Hussein Soweto Obama needs a lesson in empathy. Appointing judges who will replace the law with their personal desire to "stick it to the man" is not empathy. Neither does applying the law fairly with no regard for demographics imply a lack of empathy. No, Barry, empathy is the individual who barely makes enough to get by but still manages to give ten percent to their church or donate money to those who are struggling even more. Lack of empathy is a community organizer-turned politician who would only donate ONE PERCENT of his million dollar income while demonizing people who give far more but who reject his Statist view on government.

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  1. Well said, today I posted on this and didn't even get into her political beliefs. I just pointed to the collectivist mentality that is praising her as a 'woman' and a 'hispanic'. Her qualifications don't even matter as long as she is a redistributist......come check it out over at my place