Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colin Powell's Character and Credibility, R.I.P.

So, let me get this straight: Leftwing pundits and Democrat voters are giving advice to the Republican Party about it's future? The GOP should be more "progressive" and move toward the middle which keeps moving further to the Left. How nice! Thanks, guys! You know, as a Washington Redskins fan I would like to suggest that the Dallas Cowboys bring Ryan Leaf out of retirement to be their starting quarterback and hire Al Davis to be their head coach.

Colin Powell was always given high marks for honor and dignity while no one really knew one blessed thing about the man. In 1996, people were begging him to run for President. Why? The only political stand of his that was widely known was that he supported affirmative action. That's not exactly a limited government principle.

Now, Powell has joined the other squishy moderates and Leftists in the hand-wringing over the GOP's alleged move to the right. The notion that the Republican party was moved to the right is ludicrous on many levels and I will address that on another day. But, who was the GOP presidential candidate in 2008? John McCain was the candidate and he is exactly the kind of moderate that Powellinsky claims the GOP should support. Ummmm, they did. And it didn't turn out well. Just as it did not with Daddy Bush, Bob Dole, and Dubya who, despite winning two elections, allowed the Republican party to move the Left in an attempt to appease the crocodiles. In other words, the GOP gave Powell the kind of candidate he demands, but he still voted for Barry Hussein Soweto Obama.

Why did Colin Powell vote for Obama? Since Powell has obviously been dishonest about his fidelity to the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh made the unpopular assertion that race was the deciding issue. Maybe. It's certainly a plausible explanation. Blacks always vote Democrat in ridiculous numbers considering the way the Donkeys have destroyed most urban areas in America, but it was even more true in 2008. I can cede the legitimacy of racial pride for one election as long as folks are intellectually honest enough to admit that Obama's defining color is red (as in Marxist) not black by the time the 2012 election rolls around. The truth is that Powell voted for Obama because he, too, is a Statist. Obama's big-government, paternalistic nanny-state appeals to Colin Powell.

As long as Colin Powell saw opportunity in being a Republican that is where he cast his tent. However, the GOP's embracing of big government solutions sent the party into free fall. Powell is not the kind of guy to be on the losing side. Along comes Barry Hussein Soweto Obama and Powell has a new star to ride. The great general is simply just another political opportunist.

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