Sunday, May 17, 2009

News Flash: Mainstream Media Still Hates Sarah Palin

Sweaty, red-faced "journalist" Chris Matthews sarcastically attacked last week's announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's book multi-milionaire book deal. While, this partisan hack experiences tingly feelings running up and down his leg (note: that could be Keith Olberman's hand he is feeling) when he hears Barack Vladimir Hussein Soweto Obama speak he has nothing but venom for any conservative. Of course, Verizon should be the sole sponsor of Matthews' show and his entire network because evidently only friends and family watch as you look at their ratings.

Much of the mainstream media just doesn't get Sarah Palin. Now, I'm not talking about the barking moonbats, but journalists who actually attempt to do a credible job of reporting the news. "Attempt" is the key word as their educational and professional immersion in Leftist ideology makes it difficult for them to understand Real America. Jon Friedman's recent piece on, urges the Left (i.e., the media) to try to understand her appeal.

Palin is "a huge fundraising tool," noted veteran journalist Melinda Henneberger. "People love to read about her. She is very attractive -- and we don't have a surplus of that in American politics. People love to love her and they love to hate her."

Palin was a major story in 2008 because she introduced so many unexpected elements to the political scene because of her gender, age, home state and uncanny ability to charm audiences with her charismatic flair.

She isn't going away, either. By all indications, Palin is now building toward a run at the White House in 2012. That's why the media should take her seriously.

Even in this even-handed article, the real Palin escapes the author. I went to the Sarah Palin rally in Salem, Virginia last October and over 16,000 people were excited about her. Not the John McCain candidacy. Not the Republican party. Sarah Palin breathed life into a dead campaign. Yes, her personal story is incredible. But, her appeal is much more simple: she is a true Conservative.

Palin should be a role model for every American girl and woman. She was an athlete, a beauty pageant winner, a business owner, a regulatory commissioner, a small city mayor, and the governor of the largest state with one of the largest budgets. Oh yeah, and she has raised five children and is still married to her first husband. All this by the age of 45! If she were a slobbering Leftist she would be a media superstar. But, because she is a no-nonsense Conservative she is treated like Ellie May Clampett.

While Leftists constantly blather on above old, evil, white men they have a special level of hatred for Conservative women and blacks. They are treated as traitors. Leftists don't believe in the individual; to these Statists, society is made up of groups who should all share the same interests and goals because of their genitalia, who they have sex with or how much melanin exists in their skin. Identity politics is unforgiving. If one "betrays" their group identity they are a traitor and should be treated as the most extreme form of evil or ignorance, depending on which best suits.

Sarah Palin scares the Hillary out of the American Left. She is so dangerous she must be branded as both evil and ignorant. She has the personal charm, the experience, the political skills, the variety of experiences and possesses the traditional values that make her appealing to Real America. The Left understands that even most Democrat voters could find her a compelling figure. So, they have dedicated themselves to invoking Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" #5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Palin may or may not be the GOP candidate in 2012, but her Conservative voice must be heard if the party is to find its way out of the Democrat Lite wilderness.


  1. I too attended the rally and voted for her, not McCain. I wished she had been on the top of the ticket with a different VP. It astonishes me how much the left hates her, especially women. They practically foam at the mouth at the mere mention of her. It would be funny if it wasn't so scary...

  2. Their hatred is wholly irrational. It may be their undoing as political movement.