Friday, May 22, 2009

Liz Cheney Plays Whack-A-Mole With Mainstream Media

I guess Liz Cheney should plan on getting Palin-ed by the Moonbat Left after her thrashing of Lawrence O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper and MSNBC "conservative" Joe Scarborough. Darth's daughter is an good a spokesperson for national security as I have heard outside of her own father. She gets it and she can articulate it. She especially hammered Lawrence O'Donnell, who always seems to need a distemper shot.

Liz Cheney debating Lawrence O'Donnell is a bit like a polar bear batting around a baby seal. What I like best about Cheney is that she doesn't immediately go into defensive mode as so many Conservatives do when asked nonsensical questions or presented with illogical arguments. She first dismantles their faulty premises and misleading arguments before eviscerating them with facts and logic.

She dismantled the smarmy Anderson Cooper repeatedly as he compared American enhanced interrogations methods to the Nazis and Khmer Rouge. Yes, using humans for "scientific" experiments is exactly the same as waterboarding three high-ranking terrorists. He wanted to compare Abu Graib to the enhanced techniques used in certain cases at Gitmo. He intentionally (or maybe he really is that dumb) misused an investigative report in trying to link the two. These Moonbat fools somehow manage to forget the reason we know about the abuse at Abu Graib and other incidents involving prisoner abuse is that our military investigates and prosecutes individuals who do these things. That is very different from professional interrogators deciding that more coercive techniques are necessary in certain situations. We need more Cheneys to make the case for putting security ahead of politics.

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