Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Californians Say No To The Proposition Of New Taxes

There still may be hope the People's Republik of Kalifornia. The people of the nation's largest state and one of the most politically liberal voted down a collection of Propositions that presented a variety of taxing and borrowing schemes to temporarily rescue the state from a $42 billion budget shortfall. Californians collectively responded "no, we can't!" The Governator called these boondoggles, "budget reform measures." Politicians depend on the people being too ignorant to see through their language. Schwarzenegger is a hardcore Statist. To him, budget reform does not include cutting spending. "Fiscal reform" to the Governator and others of his ilk is to keep spending like drunken socialists while raising everyone's taxes and running the producer class out of the state.

Earlier in the day, Kalifornia's governor was in D.C. mugging for the cameras with Barry Valdimir Hussein Soweto Obama as the Chosen One announced the Kremlin, er, the White House, had twisted arms until they agree to raise auto mileage minimums to 37 mph. After all, Kalilfornia had already "successfully" demanded increased standards. There you go. Let's follow the lead of one of the worst-managed states in the Union. Let's listen to the incompetent governor parroting the nonsense of an incompetent President. By all means, let's make the car companies that we have already bailed out sell more expensive, less desirable, and less safe cars.

Hopefully, Kalifornia's May 19 performance at the ballot box will be a wake up call.

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