Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adam Lambert Is A Class Act, But The Media Is Still Stuck On Stupid

I was not a big fan of Adam Lambert and his 2nd-place run on "American Idol." Two theatrical for me. Not that I am expert on performing, but his performances also seemed uneven. He would have 80% of a great night, but would go off a scream or howl that sounded like something from a bad high school swing choir or a female impersonator cabaret. But, I am a fan of Adam Lambert the man. In the midst of media cries of victimhood, Lambert has downplayed the impact of a couple of AT&T sale weasels and their overeager instructions to some Kris Allen fans at an Arkansas rally. Statistically, it is unlikely to have been a difference maker and Lambert was man enough to say that Allen won, fair and square. I don't know what Lambert's musical future will be, but he has demonstrated himself a man of integrity.

However, the chattering chuckleheads in the mainstream media are still apoplectic. After all, entertainment is just like every other walk of American life in 2009: group identity and grievance should always decide winners and losers. The media elites branded Adam Lambert the greatest Idol performer ever! He was good, but they made Lambert the representative of all things "gay." This became a referendum on whether or not Americans can accept a gay man as an entertainer.

Look, I was a Danny Gokey fan and still think he should have won (the Steven Tyler scream was his Waterloo). Alison, the powerful teen, would have been #2 if I voted (maybe I should have texted in votes to help my faves out). Of course, those are just personal opinions, aren't they? As the competition was being whittled down to the final few, there was little doubt that the young girls would love Kris Allen. He is soooo cute! He can sing, though I don't find him special in that regard. Of course, I don't find much in the Top 40 of any of the music charts today that is memorable.

Adam Lambert was stylish and, yes, he "seemed" like he was probably gay. But, he was not flamboyant and obnoxious in pushing his sexuality down the throats of viewers (DEFINITELY no pun intended). He is what he is. If America was so bigoted in regard to giving a gay man a chance, how did he make it to the final two? The notion that anyone who voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert was expressing their hatred for homosexuals is among the dumbest media notions I've heard. Of course, being asinine has never stopped them before.

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