Friday, May 15, 2009

Now, Do You Know Why 'No Child Left Behind" Was A Bad Idea?

Democrats always argue that educational achievement will improve if more money is spent. Republicans argue that education will improve if we spend just a little less than Democrats with Republicans running the programs. Both are full of beans. Of course, we know the Dims use public education as an indoctrination center for Leftist ideology. The money is to reward teachers, not to educate children. George W. Bush bought into this nonsense and the GOP lemminged off the cliff with him. Educational spending exploded and now federal intrusion is a given with Democrats running the show. Nice going, guys. "No Child Left Inside" is a massive gift to the environmental extremists who will sport bumperstickers saying "abortion is a choice" and "meat is murder" on the back of their dirty Volvos.

Public education is a mess and the reason is that our culture is a mess and too many of our families are a mess. Government can't fix that. No amount of money or good intentions will change that. Cash ain't the answer. But, by raising the role of federal interference and spending, the GOP has given Democrats an even greater platform from which to indoctrinate another generation of children.

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