Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi Lied and Obama Will Gain From It

The statement from current CIA Director Leon Pannetta concerning Speakerette of the House Nancy Pelosi's scurrilous accusations against the CIA is a huge turn toward her coming Waterloo. Her second in command, Steny Hoyer (S-MD), has already turned on her though later softened his comments somewhat. Former Speaker New Gingrich is correct: Pelosi's behavior is unconscionable. She has made it clear she will put politics ahead of national security and the well-being of our troops.

Conservative pundits are giddy with anticipation that Speaker Pelosi could get politically whacked. It is understandable. She is a vicious, partisan, mean-spirited little troll. But, despite her high position she is a political lightweight. She is not responsible for any landmark legislation. She has never initiated an idea that has moved people, not even Democrats, to act in any proactive way. She represents the freak show that is San Francisco. If the Republican Party can ever figure out how to get out of its own way, Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be a great lightning rod.

Unfortunately for Conservatives, Barack Hussein Soweto Obama is a brilliant tactical politician. He doesn't know his butt from a hot rock when it comes to economics, national security, the Constitution or almost any matter that is essential to the American people. But, he has synthesized the teachings of Machiavelli, Marx, and Alinsky with the cadence and faux sincerity of the world's greatest demagogues into a political powerhouse. While some Conservatives speculate that the Obama administration will pull out all stops to save Pelosi, I think they seriously underestimate his political acumen. He is not the typical Democrat party hack. Yes, he believes in the same Statist goals they do, but he is usually smart enough to avoid sideshows.

Barack Obama will gladly allow the purging of Nancy Pelosi. The successful fascists of the 20th century used purges not only to eliminate enemies, but also to dispatch incompetent or useless allies. Nancy Pelosi is the definition of useless. She brings nothing to the Obama administration and has the potential to do great harm with her half-witted diatribes. She is not a movement leader as Speaker of the House in the way Newt Gingrich was in the 1990's. She is just Chief Moonbat. Steny Hoyer would love the job. I'm sure Obama and Rahm Emmanuel could easily produce a Speaker who would follow the party line without the constant risk of a verbal hari-kari.

The whole "torture" debate means little to Obama. It was great red meat to toss to the party's frothing lunatic fringe. However, Obama isn't just a Democrat; he's a committed socialist. He has his eye on the prize and knows that 2010 could potentially bring a significant swing in the party balance in Congress. He is nationalizing industries and threatening others into compliance. He is ready to force America into a suicide pact with nationalized medicine. He is creating a debt that will never be paid with the command economy he is looking to establish. He is close to pushing forward massive "green" taxes that will cripple industry, tax even the poorest citizens, and do little to improve our long-term energy policy. Barack Hussein Soweto Obama is fixed on turning the United States of America into a European-style socialist state even in the face of many of those countries looking to extricate themselves from their own madness.

Now, with Nancy Pelosi telling a new lie every hour and Conservatives calling for her head, Barack Obama can appear to be that bi-partisan, new kind of politician he was advertised to be. He can take a tough stand and order Eric Holder to initiate an investigation. He can work behind the scenes to convince Pelosi to step down. San Fran Nan is going to take a pounding one way or the other. Obama will look like a true leader instead of a bitter partisan. A new Speaker will enter with strict marching orders. And back on the journey to Utopia we go.


  1. You nailed it to a tee. Obama is Public Enemy Number One and Obama is Obama's biggest fan. Obama is a true ideologue and and what makes him so dangerous is that he is a narcissist and a sociopath. He has absolutely no conscience and only cares about himself and his own image.

  2. Yes and Madame Pelosi is very expendable. He will watch and see which way the winds blow. He won't blow any political capital on her.