Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Letter From A Dodge Dealer Screwed By Obama Motors

This is a sad, but important letter from a Dodge dealer in Florida. The federal government has aided and abetted the destruction of the U.S. automobile industry for the last several decades. Now, they have taken control of two of the big three and have Ford on a short leash. A Marxist community agitator who has never created a single job in his entire life now controls the future of the domestic automobile industry.

By the way, the Fifth Amendment precludes the federal government from taking private property without just compensation. The final clause of the Fifth Amendment ends with the following phrase:

nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Barry Vladimir Hussein Soweto Obama, as CEO of Obama Motors, parent company of GM and Chrysler, bears the responsibility of compensating George Joseph of Melbourne, Florida and any other dealership owner who is losing their livelihood as a direct result of his decisions. Now that the car companies are a government enterprise, the directives of the Constitution should apply. Of course, that won't mean moving funds from another part of government. It will mean paying off the victims of government excess with the money of our grandchildren. Create one problem and solve it by creating another one.

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